Doria is hospitalized in SP to undergo hernia surgery | São Paulo

The governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), was admitted this Thursday (2) at the Albert Einstein hospital, in the South Zone of São Paulo, to undergo an inguinal hernia surgery this Friday (3). He won’t step down from office.

Inguinal hernia is the protrusion of a small portion of the intestine and usually appears in the groin. The procedure will be done by a digestive tract surgeon (read note below).

At a press conference on July 11, the governor said that he was experiencing back pain, but that he would hold out until the date of surgery initially announced for August 6th. But the surgery was delayed because the governor was diagnosed, for the second time, with Covid-19, on 15 July.

“With all transparency, I will in fact have to undergo surgery, I had to schedule it for August 6th, although the medical recommendation was for the surgery to be done immediately. But I pondered the doctors, the surgery is for hernia, those who have had this intervention know how the pain bothers me, and it bothers me mainly, how it is bothering me now, when I stand and stand for a long period,” said Doria.

The governor also informed that he was taking painkillers to withstand the pain. “I’m used to pain, I’ll bear the pain, you discipline the mind and body to the pain and I learned from my father, no problem [esperar até a data da cirurgia]”, he said.

“Governor João Doria was admitted this night (02), at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, for preparatory procedures for surgery to correct an inguinal hernia.

The hospitalization took place after the governor fulfilled an agenda in the interior of São Paulo, hearings at Palácio dos Bandeirantes and participating in the weekly meeting of the PEI (State Immunization Program).

The intervention was already scheduled and will be carried out on the morning of Friday, 3, by the digestive tract surgeon, Dr. Sidney Klajner and his team,” says the government statement.