Dr. Victor de Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum dies, at 82

The actor Sergio Mamberti, known for playing Doctor Victor of Castle Ra-Tim-Bum, he died at dawn today (03) at the age of 82. Sergio’s son, Carlos Mamberti, confirmed the news to G1, citing that the father had been hospitalized for a few weeks due to a lung infection.

A versatile artist, Mamberti built a robust career in theatre, TV and film. Stages were his first passion, leading him to stardom as part of the Decision troupe, which also included names like Antonio Abujamra and Plínio Marcos.

During his career, he received awards for performances in plays such as The Inopportune (1964), The counter (1969), New Year’s Eve (1975) and Pearl (1995). He was also a theater director, especially praised for the editing of heart in mouth (1982).

On TV, it gained prominence from Pupils of the Lord Rector (1970), soap opera on RecordTV. It also marked an era with characters in Brillant (1980), Anything goes (1988), wetland (nineteen ninety), The wall (2000), The clone (2001), The profet (2006) and Flower of the Caribbean (2013).

More recently, Mamberti made her debut in the world of streaming with 3%, from Netflix, where he played Counselor Matheus in the first season.

Finally, on the big screen, the actor was present in several classics of our filmography, starting with a quick participation in The Red Light Bandit (1968), which resulted in works such as All nudity will be punished (1973), The Brazilwood Man (1982), The Lady of Cine Shanghai (1987) and Hans Staden (1999).

He also reprized the role of Doctor Victor in Castle Rá-Tim-Bum, the Movie (1999) and participated in children’s features such as Xuxa Abracadabra (2003) and Knight Didi and Princess Lili (2008).

Sérgio, who was married to Viven Mahr and then lived a long relationship with Ednardo Torquato, leaves behind four children: actor Duda Mamberti, Carlos, Fabrízio and Daniele.