Due to lack of inputs, vehicle sales are experiencing the worst moment in 16 years

the sale of vehicles new ones in Brazil had a fall of 4.97% in August of this year, when compared to the previous month. This is the worst result registered by the sector in the last 16 years for this month, according to a survey by the National Federation of Automotive Vehicle Distribution (fenabrave), released this Thursday (2). It is not wrong to say, however, according to the federation that the sector is experiencing its worst moment since 2005.

In the comparison between August and the same period in 2020, the decrease was 1.8%. The result represents the third consecutive drop in new car sales. The research takes into account the number of vehicles sold in the national territory, including passenger cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks and buses.

Fenabrave points out the scarcity of inputs as the main factor for the poor result of the sector, claiming that the lack of industrial parts and components prevents the regularization of production in all segments. The president of the Federation, Alarico Assumpção Júnior, confirmed, this Thursday, that the lack of cars at dealerships has become common in recent months.

“The pace of license plates and vehicle sales in Brazil is being dictated by the delivery capacity of automakers, which still suffer from the shortage, especially of semiconductors (materials that have low electrical conductivity used in automobiles)”, analyzes the president.

The researcher and economist at FGV IBRE, Marina Garrido, spoke with the CNN and reaffirmed that the scarcity of inputs in the domestic market is the main villain for the fall in automobile production.

“The drop is completely related to the scarcity of inputs in the industry as a whole. The pandemic generated a great deal of supply, which is not keeping up with the return of demand. People are back to consuming in large volumes, however, companies cannot get back to producing in the same quantity with such speed”, he explained.

The sector, however, is already showing a recovery this year, compared to 2020, the beginning of the pandemic of Covid-19. In 2021, the volume of car sales had an increase of 27.83% over the first eight months of last year.