Emerson surprises, vents about Barcelona and says he was ‘kicked out of the club with good words’: ‘I was hurt’

the brazilian Emerson Royal went through a very unusual situation in the last transfer market. After returning to Barcelona after a loan period in the Royal Betis, the full-back was seen as reinforcement to be used by Ronald Koeman.

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However, in the last days of the transfer market, Barcelona expedited a negotiation for the sale of the Brazilian to the tottenham, in an agreement concluded for 30 million euros (approximately R$182 million), of which 25 million euros in cash (R$153 million), and another 5 million euros (R$30 million) in bonuses.

Despite defending a big European shirt in the future, Emerson gave an interview to the daily Brand, from Spain, and said that he was not very happy with the way he left Barcelona and was thrilled for not having had the opportunity to spend more time at the club.



Youngest player to score in the Barcelona shirt, at just 16, Fati will assume a ‘heavy burden’ at the club, mainly because of the symbolism surrounding the break caused by the unexpected departure of Messi, who now defends PSG.

“It hurt me the way Barcelona handled the situation. It could have been another way. There were other ways to make things right. They told me I would have to go ‘yes or yes’. When I arrived I was sure that Barcelona wanted me But, looking back, I see that it was clear for them to buy me and then sell me,” said the Brazilian.

“I thought the club wanted me to stay. I played Sunday as a starter, the next day I woke up and went to train calmly. There I started to see the disclosure of several things, that Tottenham had sought out Barcelona, ​​that almost everything was right. I didn’t understand anything that was going on outside the CT. They wanted to talk to me and there I understood that they really wanted to sell me. They were expelling me with good words.”

Despite the abrupt departure of Barcelona, ​​Emerson wants to go to the field, even if it is for Tottenham, club to which he has just been sold. “I have the ambition to be on the field. I know I’m a football player with a contract and I could say I would stay, but I’m a person who wants to be happy. I don’t want to stay in a place that doesn’t want me. So I decided to leave. He said he wouldn’t be sad there,” he concluded.