Emerson vents after leaving Barcelona: ‘They expelled me with nice words’

Right-back Emerson Royal broke the silence after his transfer from Barcelona to Tottenham. In an interview with the newspaper ‘Marca’, the Brazilian showed resentment towards the Spanish club for the way he conducted the negotiation with the Spurs.

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The way Barcelona handled the situation hurt me. It could have been otherwise. There were other ways to set things right. I was told that I would have to go ‘yes or yes’. When I arrived I was sure that Barcelona wanted to use me. But, looking back, I see that it was clear for them to buy me and then sell me.”

“I thought the club wanted me to stay. I played on Sunday as a starter, the next day I woke up and went to train calmly. There I started to see the disclosure of several things, that Tottenham had sought out Barcelona, ​​that everything was almost right. I didn’t understand anything that was going on outside the CT. They wanted to talk to me and there I understood that they really wanted to sell me. They were expelling me with good words.”

The player – who was recently called up for the Brazilian team – reveals that he could have refused the transfer, but preferred to accept because he felt that the Spanish club did not want him in the team.

“I have the ambition to be on the field. I know I’m a football player with a contract and I could say I would stay, but I’m a person who wants to be happy. I don’t want to stay in a place that doesn’t want me. So I decided to leave. He said he wouldn’t be sad there.”

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