Emilly Araújo cites haters when denying dispute of ‘A Fazenda 2021’

Emilly Araújo stated that will not be in “The Farm 2021”, which opens on the 14th. The champion of “BBB17” used her social network to dispel the rumor that circulated this week and said that she has become the target of haters. “This issue of the ‘Farm’, I had no idea of ​​the proportion it was going to take, and it is already starting to hurt my family members, people close to me and me,” he said.

The pre-confinement of pedestrians will be intensified from this Friday, when cell phones will be confiscated by the production, which, on the other hand, will release erotic toys. Emilly also said that she has gained other followers after the news that she will be in the attraction led by Adriane Galisteu.

“In the same way that it was good, that it brought a lot of nice people closer to me, people who followed me before they came back now, new followers, this boom has also brought haters, and that’s doing a lot of harm to me and mine,” claimed the gaúcha, who days ago put an end to a three-year relationship.

Mayla Araújo’s twin also said that she doesn’t want to repeat the experience she had in Globo’s reality show. “I’ve already gone through this boring hate in the issue I got from ‘Big Brother’ and no, I don’t want you haters here again. Bye, you can leave here, because I’m not at ‘Farm.’ and thank you so much to everyone who is here sending me love,” she concluded.

‘A Fazenda’ will have brothers of Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano

When the 13th edition of the Record TV reality series opens, 21 participants are expected to compete for 94 days for the R$1.5 million prize. Some of them will be revealed and interviewed next week in a “Hoje em Dia” special. Already in the debut there is the possibility of having a triple elimination with those who are in Paiol.

The countryman Camargo, from the duo with Cleiton and brother of Zezé and Luciano, should be one of the future Peões and in social networks, the singer indicated that he will be absent from social networks for a period. It is worth remembering that Luciele Camargo, another sister of the duo, already participated in the program in 2009, in the first edition.

An unofficial list also brings together one of Mussum’s sons, actor Antonio Carlos, funk players MC Gui and Tati Quebra Barraco, model Solange Gomes, from “Banheira do Gugu”, Victor Pecoraro and Valentina Francavilla, stage assistant for “Programa of the Mouse”.

“A Fazenda” will be shown live from Tuesday to Thursday, days reserved, respectively, for Formation of the Roça, Farmer’s Test and Elimination. The “Fire Test” will be on Monday and the party will have flashes on Friday and a summary on Saturday.