Emilly Araújo denies that she will be featured on the RecordTV reality show

“BBB 17” champion Emilly Araújo, 25, used social media to speak out about rumors of her going to “A Fazenda 13” and tried to deny that she will be on the 2021 edition of the reality show on RecordTV.

Through stories, on Instagram, the influencer declared that she was taken by surprise with speculations involving her name in the program and even started to suffer from attacks by haters.

This issue of the Farm I had no idea of ​​the proportion it was going to take and the proportion it took is already starting to hurt my family members, people close to me and me. In the same way that it was good, that it brought a lot of nice people closer to me, people who followed me before they came back now, new followers, this ‘boom’ also brought haters and this is doing a lot of harm to me and mine.

Emilly even invited her critics to withdraw from their social networks, guaranteeing that she won’t be in the edition of “A Fazenda 13”.

I’ve been through this boring hate on the issue I got from “Big Brother” and no, I don’t want you haters here again. Bye, you can leave here, because I’m not at the Farm. I was taken aback by this subject and thank you so much to everyone who is here sending me love.

“BBB 21” award

In a recent interview with RedeTV!’s “Me Poupe! Show!”, Emilly Araújo stated that the R$ 1.5 million prize for “BBB 17” is not enough to do everything she imagined.

“The money still exists! I wasn’t so inconsequential and I went out toasting everything. But, in this world we live in, you can’t do as much as I thought you could,” he said.

She even says she doesn’t mind the ‘Ex-BBB Emilly’ label. “I deal very well with this. I went there, participated, won and it’s okay to talk. Today I’m a businesswoman, presenter, influencer… There are people who are prejudiced with this,” she added.