Erasmo Carlos’ wife also infected with Covid: ‘Vaccine was essential for the disease to become mild’ | Rio de Janeiro

She said that she is being treated at home, that she talks to her husband every day on the phone and that he is responding well to the treatment.

“Erasmus still has no forecast for discharge, he is stable and reacting well to treatment, without any worsening of the condition. He will continue under observation for the time being”, she said, who also said that he was hospitalized on Sunday (29).

Fernanda also pointed out that the vaccine was essential for her and her husband not to develop serious cases of Covid.

“The vaccine was very important for him, and for me too, for the disease to be milder. I tested positive shortly after him, but I’m fine,” Fernanda told G1.

Erasmo Carlos: singer sengue stable and with no forecast of high — Photo: Marcos Arcoverde/Estadão Contents/Archive

Singer remains stable and evolves well

On Wednesday (1), the artist’s press office informed that he was fine and that he had been admitted to the Barra D’or Hospital, in Barra da Tijuca, in the West Zone of Rio, more as a precaution, due to his age and comorbidities it has.

This Thursday (2), the artist’s medical report informed that he is already going through the critical stage of the disease and remains stable.

“Erasmus is improving day by day and exams are within this scenario. Still under observation, but the medical team believes that, for the days in which Erasmus was diagnosed with Covid, he is already going through the critical phase and is very stable”, informed in a note.

On Tuesday (31), the Instagram profile of singer Erasmo Carlos, 80, reported that he needed to be hospitalized to treat Covid. The admission was made on Sunday (29).

“We would like to inform you that Erasmus needed to be hospitalized to continue treating the Covid infection. He is under observation and taking all the care he needs to overcome the disease. We are very grateful for the support, prayers and affection of all his friends. Keep on vibrating positively. “, said the post.

On Thursday (26), Erasmus used the same channel to say that he had become infected with the disease, but that he was doing well, that he was recovering at home and that he was on the third day of isolation, as recommended by his doctors.

Erasmo also said that he already took the two doses of vaccine against the disease, in May of this year, and that this should guarantee lighter symptoms from Covid.

Erasmo Carlos tests positive for Covid in Rio

Erasmo Carlos tests positive for Covid in Rio

“Hey guys. Even though I maintained all care, including being vaccinated twice, I tested positive for Covid. I’m already on the third day of confinement, as ordered by my doctors, and I ask that everyone hope to pass quickly”, he said in the message of the video.

The post caption also got a message “Urgent vaccine for everyone! Take care, get vaccinated and cheer me on”.

Erasmo is one of the great vaccine enthusiasts, and has been demanding authorities on his social networks to send more doses to Rio de Janeiro, where he lives, as stocks have suffered from shortages.

One of the great names of Jovem Guarda and Roberto Carlos’ greatest musical partner, Erasmo turned 80 in June of that year. The singer has more than 600 songs to his name and revealed, in an interview with JN, that he continues to create.

Erasmo Carlos took both doses of the Covid vaccine. No vaccine offers 100% protection against disease, but all reduce the risk of infection, hospitalization and death, especially after the second dose.

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It’s important to remember that vaccines work, but they’re not foolproof. Still, although the likelihood of infection after the vaccine is small, the more the disease is circulating, the greater the risk that the immunizer will fail. Hence the need to vaccinate as many people as possible as soon as possible.