Ex-Panicat reveals depression after nude leak

Lizi Benites revealed a very complicated time that passed a few years ago. the ex-panicat spoke that an ex-boyfriend shared intimate photos of her on the internet in 2013, which made her extremely worried. Lizi revealed that she was very shaken and that she ended up going into depression after the sad episode she suffered.

in interview to the podcast “TicaracatiCast“, the ex-panicat told the details of how it felt to see that her intimacy had been exposed, with several photographs of her being shared frantically, taking large proportions on the network. Lizi didn’t hide anything and revealed the depressive state in which she remained for about a year.

That ended my life. My intimacy being exposed was something very profound for me. I was depressed for a year, very shaken. My family was shaken. It was a tragedy in my life and when I said: ‘I got lost’. I didn’t manage that“.

The ex-panicat, who was very successful when the program “Scream” was still a phenomenon of audience, she said that the health problem was getting so bad that, when she realized, she had already been “stuck” at home for a year: “I didn’t work for a year, I was ashamed to leave the house, I didn’t want to do events anymore. I was very bad“.

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And the situation became more and more complex. Without working, the ex-panicat was left without income and conditions to pay even the rent: “I received an eviction order in my apartment because I didn’t work and didn’t have any more money to pay for anything. I went into the hole, I didn’t want to be famous anymore, I just wanted my dignity back“.

Lost with the serious situation that went through, Lizi said that she took action with the objective of changing what she was going through. Therefore, he sought a religion and converted there: “At that moment, I converted. I started to pray and my life started to change. All I needed was to rescue the principles I had“.

The ex-panicat also counted some secrets of the old comedy show, which until then had not been revealed. Lizi Benites revealed that she took anabolic steroids to maintain her body as required. The model said that she was under enormous pressure to occupy the post of Panicat.

Ex-Panicat reveals that he already took a 'bomb' to change his body - Márcia Piovesan
Lizi Benites (Play: Instagram)

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