Fátima Bernardes ‘cuts’ the audience’s request to Father Patrick

Maybe he does it live, Faustão would say. But it is in these moments that anything can happen, including the wedding of a priest with the right to request a honeymoon in the state of Pará.

The “Encontro com Fátima Bernardes” (TV Globo) received Father Patrick, who is famous for responding to his followers in a very sincere and funny way. In addition to it, Luzia participated in the program’s virtual audience directly from Alagoas.

Luzia, who is a fool, wanted to ask the priest a question, just like the ones he receives in the Instagram question box and Fátima left.

Good morning, Father Patrick. Holy Mary. I want to know if dating two is a sin and thinking about one, two or three too? Lucia

Luzia - Reproduction/TV Globo - Reproduction/TV Globo

Luzia, 79, participated in the virtual audience of the Fátima Bernardes program

Image: Playback/TV Globo

Father Patrick joined in the fun and revealed a backstage: Luzia was already praising the beauty of the Catholic even before the program aired. He joked and made a marriage proposal:

I was seeing you before the program started, I saw that you wanted to take off my cassock. Let’s get the two of us married, I’m on vacation, I’m going to Alagoas and I’ll bring you to Pará. Father Patrick

The presenter Fátima Bernardes laughed at the situation and joked that her program “married a priest” and didn’t know what to expect anymore. Luzia, then, even thought about her honeymoon and provoked the priest live.

I really wish, it’s going to be a 100% honeymoon, I love it, the way I’m in the dry season at 79 years old. If you’re good in bed, we’re ready. Lucia

Fátima Bernardes cut her off and remembered that it was still 11:04 am and the program was live on Globo. The comment was a source of laughter from the virtual audience and singer Gaby Amarantos, who was talking about her new album “Purakê”.

Fátima Bernardes - Reproduction/TV Globo - Reproduction/TV Globo

Fátima Bernardes cut ‘hot’ speech live

Image: Playback/TV Globo