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The Brazilian delegation is very close to breaking the historic record for gold medals in the Paralympics. With 19 titles in Tokyo, the trend is to pass the 21 won in London 2012. With three days to go until the end of the Games, the chances are many: 5-a-side football and men’s goaball are in the decision, while sports such as cycling, paracanoeing, parataekwondo and athletics Brazil still has world champions to take action.

Thiago Paulino is favorite in the shot put — Photo: Daniel Zappe/EXEMPLUS/CPB

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Before the Paralympics, the Paralympic Committee of Brazil (CPB) established as an official goal to be the top 10 in the medals table. It was a very conservative goal given the power that the country is. At the moment, it is sixth in the table with 19 golds, 13 silvers and 22 bronzes, ranked fifth in Ukraine (20 golds, 39 silvers and 25 bronzes), but pursued by Holland (11/19/11) and Australia (17 /23/26).

With the top 10 already consolidated, the goal became to break three historical marks, which can make the country have a perfect Paralympics:

21 golds won in London 2012 (we have 19 in Tokyo)
72 medals won in total at Rio 2016 (we have 54)
7th position on the medals table in London 2012 (we are in 6th)

Nathan Torquato was gold in parataekwondo — Photo: RogérioCapela/CPB

Gold record forwarded

With three days to go before the end of the Paralympic Games, Brazil has 19 gold medals, just two from tying with the result obtained in London 2012. This number must be broken because there are several possibilities for the title:

Athletics: Thiago Paulino (F37 shot put), Petrúcio Ferreira (400m dash T47) and Jerusa dos Santos (200m dash T11) are favorites for the gold medal. Besides, there are other real chances in other tests.
Football 5: tetra-champion of the Paralympics, Brazil plays the final against Argentina to maintain its unbeaten record in the event’s history.
Goalball: the men’s team is in the final against China. He is the current world champion and, in the semifinal, he passed by Lithuania, gold at Rio 2016.
Paracanoe: Luis Carlos Cardoso is the gold favorite, while Fernando Rufino also fights.
Cycling: Lauro Chaman, world champion, is one of the favorites in the endurance race in the C4/C5 class.
Parataekwondo: Debora Menezes, current world champion, is one of the favorites.

Best moments of Brazil 1 x 0 Morocco in the semifinal of Futebol 5 - Paralympics Tokyo 2020

Best moments of Brazil 1 x 0 Morocco in the semifinal of Futebol 5 – Paralympics Tokyo 2020


With the numbers above and the various chances, Brazil should finish the Paralympics with a number of diamonds between 23 and 25, predicting that the country will have victories and defeats in several sports in the coming days. With that amount, there is a good chance of finishing sixth in the medals table, surpassing the seventh place in London 2012, so far the best campaign.

Ukraine, currently fifth in the table, should reach almost 30 gold, so it will hardly be reached by Brazil. The duel is with the Netherlands and Australia. At the moment, Brazil is sixth in the table with 19 golds, 13 silvers and 22 bronzes, followed by Holland (11/19/11) and Australia (17/23/26).

The Dutch still have real chances in cycling, tennis and swimming, practically the same chances as Australia. A good drought in these two countries could bring Brazil closer to sixth position.


Débora Menezes is champion in the Paralympic taekwondo world — Photo: Personal Archive

At the 2016 Paralympic Games, at home, Brazil won 72 medals. At the time, it surpassed (a lot) the previous record, which was 43. It raised the bar for Tokyo, since this mark is very big. Despite the difficulty, there are chances for Brazil, currently with 54 podiums (in addition to two guaranteed podiums in 5-a-side football and goalball), to reach that number.

The country would have to win 18 medals to tie and, consequently, 19 to overcome the record. Then I would have to make an almost perfect Paralympics ending.

Brazil seeks gold in Paralympics 5-a-side football and goalball

Brazil seeks gold in Paralympics 5-a-side football and goalball

In this rest of the Paralympics, there are real chances for a podium in athletics, paracanoeing, bocce, parataekwondo, sitting volleyball and cycling, in addition, of course, to the aforementioned 5-a-side football and goalball. The country still fights in swimming (last day has no competitions with Brazil among the first in the ranking), archery and badminton.