FGTS value suspended for 4 months reaches R$5.9 billion – News

The amount in payment of the FGTS (Employee Severance Indemnity Fund) suspended for 4 months reached R$5.9 billion. The suspension between May and August this year was provided for by a Provisional Measure as a way of stimulating the economy and supporting companies to face the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic.

According to Caixa Econômica Federal, the suspension of payments generated a boost for employers and directly contributed to the preservation of more than 7 million jobs. The measure, which was also carried out last year, because of the pandemic, does not change anything for the worker.

The approximately 100,000 employers who joined the suspension will have to pay the first installment of the deferred payments until next Monday (6). Suspended payments will be paid in installments until December 2021.

Caixa provided a tool to facilitate payment of collections and follow-up of debts. Through the platform www.conecttividadesocial.caixa.gov.br, employers can consult values ​​and issue payment slips.

“The non-payment of amounts to the fund creates an impediment to the employer to issue the CRF (Certificate of Regularity of the FGTS). In cases where the payment is made after the due date, there will be charges”, informs the bank.