FGTS withdrawal with an additional up to R$ 2.9 thousand released to new group in September · Jornal Midiamax

Workers who were born in September and have a balance in the FGTS (Guarantee Fund for Length of Service) can join the birthday loot which allows additional up to R$2.9 thousand, plus a percentage of the deposited amount. To join the modality, the user must make the option in the FGTS application or at Caixa branches.

According to the rules defined for this type of withdrawal from the FGTS, joining the program can be made at any time, but if the person wants to withdraw the money in the same year, they have to formalize this option, making the option until the last day of the month of your birthday.

According to Caixa, more than 9.7 million workers opted for this modality and will be able to withdraw the money according to the payment schedule.

birthday withdrawal

The period for withdrawing the benefit starts on the first business day of the month of the beneficiary’s birthday and runs until the last business day of the second subsequent month. For example, if the worker was born on March 15th, his birthday draw will be available from March 15th to May 31st.

If the beneficiary does not withdraw the money by the deadline, it automatically returns to his FGTS account.

How much will you get for the birthday withdrawal?

The amount released every year for those who migrate to the withdrawal-birthday depends on the added balance of their accounts in the guarantee fund (for those who have more than one). There are seven pay ranges. For workers with a balance above R$500, an additional fixed installment in reais is added, in addition to a percentage of the fund, as shown in the table below.

The seven strips of the loot-birthday

Balance amount (in R$)% of the balance that can be withdrawnFixed additional installmentTotal withdrawal on the lane floorFull withdrawal at the top of the range
Up to R$ 50050%0—–BRL 250
From BRL 500.01 to BRL 1,00040%BRL 50BRL 250BRL 450
From BRL 1,000.01 to BRL 5,00030%BRL 150BRL 450BRL 1,650
From BRL 5,000.01 to BRL 10,00020%BRL 650BRL 1,650BRL 2,650
From BRL 10,000.01 to BRL 15,00015%BRL 1,150BRL 2,650BRL 3,400
From BRL 15,000.01 to BRL 20,00010%BRL 1,900BRL 3,400BRL 3,900
Above BRL 20,000.015%BRL 2,900BRL 3,900unlimited


Check out the 2021 withdrawal payment schedule:

Birth monthPayment
JanuaryJanuary to March 31, 2021
FebruaryFebruary to April 30, 2021
MarchMarch to May 31, 2021
AprilApril to June 30, 2021
MayMay to July 30, 2021
JuneJune to August 31, 2021
JulyJuly to September 30, 2021
AugustAugust to October 29, 2021
SeptemberSeptember to November 30, 2021
OctoberOctober to December 31, 2021
NovemberNovember to January 31, 2022
DecemberDecember to February 28, 2022

Although the dates are pre-established, it is important that workers check the functioning of Caixa branches on the day they intend to withdraw the money. On December 31, for example, banks do not open, and withdrawal of the benefit will only be available through the FGTS application.

How to opt for the birthday loot

The option can be made in the FGTS application, on the website fgts.caixa.gov.br, at Caixa’s internet banking or at the branches themselves.

Workers who opt for the withdrawal-birthday until the last day of the month of their birth will be able to receive the amount in the same year. In other words, those who were born in January, for example, have until the next 31st to choose the modality and receive the money in 2021.

Migration is not mandatory. Those who do not sign up will remain in the withdrawal-termination rule, which allows access to the fund for the purchase of their own home, retirement and unfair dismissal, in addition to other situations provided for by law.