‘Fifth season is the most brutal,’ says series creator · TV News

Scheduled for release this Friday (3) on Netflix, the fifth season of La Casa de Papel should be the most brutal of the series. At least that’s what promises Alex Pina, creator of the Spanish attraction that escaped cancellation to become one of the biggest phenomena in the history of the streaming service.

In an interview to the website of the American magazine Esquire to talk about the new episodes, Pina explained that the fifth season will have strong emotions due to the countless ways the writers found to make life difficult for the Professor (Álvaro Morte).

“I believe that the fifth season is more brutal than anything we’ve done. For many reasons, but mainly because of the levels we’ve found to disrupt the life of the Professor and his team. We’ve gone beyond our limits,” he pointed out.

Because of all these emotions reserved for the final episodes, Pina said she believes fans who follow the series faithfully from the beginning will be pushed to the limit along with the characters.

“I believe the viewer’s anguish and anxiety will also reach the limit this last season. And that also allows us to blow everything up into big pieces. series is probably ending with its best season so far.

Recalling the series’ journey, Pina confessed that she would do some different things if she knew that La Casa de Papel would have life beyond the two seasons initially planned. The main one has to do with the death of two characters who became very dear to fans: Moscow (Paco Tous) and Berlin (Pedro Alonso).

“We’ll always have regrets because we’re always making decisions. Writing is making decisions, and writing action series is making decisions constantly. For example, La Casa de Papel would only have the first two seasons. of our main characters, Moscow and Berlin. Today, perhaps, we wouldn’t do the same,” he explained.

Brazil influenced the series’ success

Before being bought by Netflix, La Casa de Papel had ended its trajectory in Spain as a failure. Despite having a good audience at the beginning, the series saw the audience deflate during the episodes and was canceled by Antena 3.

Even at a low, the series was rescued by the streaming service to complete its international catalogue. Two months after joining Netflix, the attraction became a phenomenon in Brazil and other countries.

In Pina’s opinion, the success of La Casa de Papel in Brazilian territory influenced its repercussion in other places and in Netflix’s decision to renew the series for more seasons.

“Two months after we joined Netflix, what happened in Brazil started happening in other places. People got tattoos with the Professor’s name and the face of Tokyo [Úrsula Corberó]. They began to wear the characters’ clothes at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. Suddenly, Netflix called us. We had more stories to tell and we believed that our plot would reach an even larger audience,” he concluded.

The fifth part of the series will be presented in two volumes on Netflix. The first half arrives on the platform this Friday (3), at 4:00 am (Brasilia time). The remaining five episodes are scheduled to premiere on December 3rd.

Watch the Season 5 trailer below: