Fighting in Yemen leaves 65 dead in 48 hours | World

At least 65 fighters have died in violent clashes over the past 48 hours between government forces and Houthis rebels in Marib province in northern Yemen, according to France Presse news agency.

Last week, more than 100 fighters died in the same province, which is rich in oil and is the last stronghold of the government in the north of the country..

Marib has been the scene of violent clashes since February, when rebels launched an offensive in the region despite calls for a ceasefire by the UN and the United States. In March they rejected a ceasefire proposal by the Saudi Arabian government.

Yemen is the poorest country in the Arab world and is experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet due to the civil war.

It began in 2014 when Iranian-backed Houthis rebels took the capital Sanaa and expelled the government (which is still recognized by the international community to this day).

A Saudi-led coalition backed by countries like the UK has been trying to restore power but is accused of causing many civilian casualties due to bombing.

Understand the war in Yemen in the video below:

International Relations Professor explains the war in Yemen

International Relations Professor explains the war in Yemen

Saudi Arabia has also been internationally criticized for air strikes that killed civilians and economic embargoes that increased hunger in the neighboring country.

The UN estimates that about 16 million Yemenis — more than half the country’s population — are victims of food shortages and five million are on the brink of starvation.

In February, the local director of the UN Development Program, Auke Lootsma, warned that the war in Yemen could make the country an “unviable state”.

Below is a GloboNews documentary about the civil war in Yemen:

GloboNews Documentary- "Yemen: A Forgotten Country"

GloboNews Documentary- “Yemen: A forgotten country”

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