Find out how the Saque Pix and the Troco Pix will work

As of November 29, customers will be able to use Pix, an instant payment system developed by the Central Bank (BC), to withdraw money and receive change in cash at commercial establishments and other places of public circulation. The date was announced this Thursday, 2, by the organ.

With Pix Saque, the customer can make withdrawals at any point where the service is offered, such as stores and ATMs, both in shared terminals and in the financial institution itself. In this modality, the account holder will point the cell phone camera at a QR code (advanced version of the barcode), make a Pix to the establishment or to the financial institution and withdraw the money at the cashier’s mouth.

Pix Troca allows you to withdraw during payment of a purchase. The customer will make a Pix equivalent to the sum of the purchase and the withdrawal and will receive the difference as change in cash. The customer’s statement will specify the portion intended for the purchase and the amount withdrawn as change.

In both modalities, transactions will be limited to R$ 500 during the day and R$ 100 between 8 pm and 6 am. However, the providers of these products may set lower limits, based on the customer’s profile, location, hours of operation and safety criteria. According to BC, the offer of the two new services will be optional.

Natural persons (individuals and individual micro-entrepreneurs) will not be charged for up to eight monthly transactions. Trade that offers both options will receive, from the withdrawing user’s financial institution, R$0.25 to R$0.95 per transaction, depending on the negotiation with banks and other institutions.


Pix Saque and Pix Troco were approved on the 24th by the Collegiate Board of the Central Bank. In a statement, BC reported that the new services “have the potential to bring benefits to the entire society.” Both for citizens, traders, small businessmen and for the financial system itself.

“The offer of the service will reduce the costs of establishments with cash management, such as those related to security and deposits, in addition to enabling establishments to gain more visibility for their products and services, in a showcase effect”, informed the Central Bank.

“For the National Financial System (SFN), the improvements represent a constant incentive to digitize and reduce costs in operations, and also stimulate competition, by facilitating the offer of withdrawal services by fintechs and digital institutions, leveling competitive conditions” , added the monetary authority.

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