Find out what is the expectation to finish the vaccination against Covid-19 in Brusque

This Tuesday, 31, came the final date of the vaccination calendar against Covid-19 prepared by the government of Santa Catarina. Initially, the forecast was to finish the vaccination of Santa Catarina with the first dose by October 23rd. But the government has pushed the dates forward to the end of August. However, the municipality has not yet completed the vaccination of the first dose.

Until this Tuesday night, Brusque had applied just over 124,000 doses of the vaccine. Of this number, 87 thousand refer to the first immunization and 40 thousand the second.

The director of Health Surveillance of Brusque, Ariane Fischer points out that 83% of the population of the city over 18 years old received the first dose until this Tuesday. “Same state average. But the percentage demonstrates that we still can’t provide vaccine opportunities for everyone because we don’t have doses”.

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Calendar operation

Ariane says that Brusque still needs 30,000 doses to cover 90% of the vaccinated population, that is, over 12 years old, with the first dose. She explains that this is the national goal established by the Ministry of Health.

The director says that the delay in sending the vaccine influenced the delay in completing the calendar. “We managed to create opportunities for the ages in the proposed period, but due to the sending of lower than expected doses by the state, there is still a lack of citizens from Brusque to be vaccinated”, he points out. She also states that during the course of the journey, the calendar has changed.

During the period established by the calendar, Brusque came to need 18,000 doses to reach the proposed dates. After several cities registered delays in vaccination, the Department of Health of Santa Catarina manifested itself and informed that the delivery of vaccines to the municipalities depended on sending the Ministry of Health.

With the current pace of vaccination, Ariane’s expectation is that by the end of December the entire population will be vaccinated with at least two doses of the vaccine. “I believe that the Covid vaccine will enter the annual vaccination calendar, as happened with the flu vaccine”, he points out.

More than 600,000 doses were needed to vaccinate all adults

On the last day of the vaccination calendar for adults in Santa Catarina, the State Department of Health (SES) reported that the doses sent by the Ministry of Health in the period were not sufficient to immunize the entire population over 18 years against Covid-19 . Despite this, the folder says that the goal was met since at least 85% of adults received at least the first dose.

As of September, it is authorized to vaccinate adolescents aged 12 to 17 years and the application of a booster dose (3rd dose) in elderly and immunosuppressed individuals who completed the vaccination schedule for more than six months.

The calendar had been signed in early July and SES reiterated the possibility of meeting the target based on vaccine delivery contracts between the Ministry of Health and the pharmaceutical companies that produce the immunizing agents.

“We cannot say that we cannot fulfill what was agreed between states and municipalities. Although we depend on the Ministry of Health to send new doses, we have already vaccinated 85% of the adult population with the first dose. Not counting the doses that have already been applied and have not yet been registered in the system”, said the Superintendent of Health Surveillance at SES, Eduardo Macário.

“Therefore, the goal was exceeded by the municipalities and we believe that the calendar agreement was fulfilled, as all municipalities have already offered doses for the adult population”, he added.

According to the folder, since January 17, 8.25 million doses of vaccine against Covid were sent to the state. Of these, 7.93 million were distributed to municipalities – the rest is kept to guarantee the dose 2. According to data from the state vacinometer, 6.92 million doses were applied.

The folder says that the state needs to receive another 675,299 doses of vaccine against Covid-19 to be able to contemplate 100% of the population aged 18 or over with the first dose of the vaccine.

“We know that there is still a population over 18 years of age that still has to be vaccinated, but for that we need the Ministry to send more doses to complete the vaccination of this group”, highlighted the superintendent.

The expectation was to receive, this week, doses sufficient to vaccinate 100% of the adult population with D1 and to be able to start the application of the vaccine in adolescents aged between 12 and 17 years and the application of the booster dose in the elderly and immunosuppressed. However, in the last distribution, the Ministry sent 110,700 doses, but only for the application of D2.

With regard to complete vaccination, with the application of two doses of the vaccine or a single dose, the vaccination coverage of the adult population, at this moment, is 38%. However, the application of the second dose continues without any harm in all municipalities in Santa Catarina. Since, this Wednesday, September 1, the state will distribute 263,170 doses that were stored in the Central State Cold Chain to be used as a second dose.

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