Fiocruz will spend two weeks without delivering doses of AstraZeneca and may lack vaccine for those who will take the 2nd dose | Rio de Janeiro

For the first time since the beginning of production in Brazil, the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) announced that it will stay for two weeks without delivering doses of AstraZeneca for the Ministry of Health.

This means that vaccine may be lacking for those who are going to take the second dose of the immunizing agent. There was delay in delivery of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (IFA), which is the component used to make the vaccine. Compost is imported from China.

Production of the vaccine takes at least three weeks. Even so, Fiocruz guarantees that it will deliver 15 million doses this month. But the next deliveries are only scheduled for the week of September 13th to 17th.

Until then, there may be a lack of vaccine for those who need to take the second dose. In August, Fiocruz delivered the less number of vaccines since the start of production in March.

Last month, there were 11.4 million doses of AstraZeneca. This amount is almost halfway through May, when there were 21 million. Fiocruz says the problem is the Lack of raw material and that its production capacity has always been greater than the amount of API received.

According to the initial forecast, the foundation should already be manufacturing vaccines with 100% Brazilian API, but has not yet managed to put this into practice.

The original forecast was July, has been pushed back to October, and now it’s November or December. Until then, the Bio-Manguinhos laboratory depends on the Chinese IFA to continue production.