Five states and DF have an “extremely high” incidence of Covid, says Fiocruz

The Covid-19 Observatory’s most recent bulletin Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) showed that five Brazilian states still have an ‘extremely’ high incidence of the new coronavirus. The study highlights that Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Goiás and the Federal District exhibit a trend opposite to the national scenario, which suggests a reduction in cases and deaths caused by Covid-19.

The survey was released this Friday (3) and took into account the Epidemiological Week 34, which mentions the period from 15 to 28 August.

“The analysis of activity levels and incidence of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndromes (SRAG), based on the cases of patients with severe symptoms that lead to hospitalization or even death, also indicates a general trend towards a reduction in the incidence in the states. However, five of them have an extremely high incidence”, says an excerpt of the document.

Fiocruz highlights that, on the national average, the pandemic scenario has cooled down. The foundation’s information shows that the number of deaths caused by Covid-19 fell for the tenth consecutive week, with an average daily reduction of 1.6%.

Fiocruz researcher in the area of ​​Public Health and member of the team that prepares the bulletin, Raphael Guimarães celebrated the improvement in the epidemiological scenario, but explained that it is not yet the right time to make flexible measures against the new coronavirus.

“Brazil has, as a whole, a reduction in the mortality rate, but this is not the time for social relaxation. We can already see an improvement in vaccine coverage against Covid-19, but it is not enough to maintain normal levels of physical distance relaxation”, explains the researcher.