Fluminense draws with Juventude and loses chance to move up in the Brasileirão

Fluminense even played well, but was tied with Juventude and lost their chance to move up in the Brasileirão table. The taste of the scoreboard was bitter, as the tricolor team came out ahead with Arias, but allowed an equal goal against Lucca.

Although it wasn’t disastrous, the result turned out to be bad for both teams, since, if there was a winner, the team that scored three points would reach eighth place and enter the fight for a place in the Libertadores. The tie kept them both in the middle of the table: Flu is 11th, and Ju ended up in 13th place.

Lucca scores against and hinders the Flu

Unlike other games, Fluminense played a good game and was ahead of the scoreboard, until Lucca scored an own goal. Although he moved a lot, the shirt 7 created little in the attack and harmed the team when playing against the equity.

Arias is 1st for Flu and is the best of the team

The good news of the game was due to another good performance by Jhon Arias. The last reinforcement to be hired by Fluminense for the season, the Colombian moved a lot and created many chances by setting up the game in the middle, although he was cast at the top. Always present in attacking plays, the forward was quick and cold to open the score for Tricolor at Maracanã, scoring his first goal with the tricolor shirt in the second match as a starter.

Flu starts well, and Lucca almost opens the scoreboard

With Nonato replacing Martinelli, Fluminense started the game well. The team occupied the attack field a lot, and the movement of the front men worked. In the first minute, Lucca had a great chance in a cross from Egidio after a plot by Yago, Nonato and Arias. The number 7 hit the first time, at the top, and forced Marcelo Carné to make a great save to prevent the Tricolor from swinging the net.

Lucca almost opens the score for Fluminense

youth scares

Even with Flu better in the game, Juventude scared. At 17, Guilherme Castilho took a free kick with great strength and almost opened the scoring for the visitors. The ball changed direction and almost fooled Marcos Felipe, but the goalkeeper managed to recover and palm it out.

Yago forces Carne to make a great save

In another good attacking move, Yago appeared as a surprise element, at 22, and once again forced Marcelo Carné to work. Youth’s goalkeeper stretched all the way to fall to the right side and palm out. On the other hand, Fred couldn’t finish, and Flu lost a good chance.

Referee annuls Youth goal

In the most controversial move of the game, at 28, Heber Roberto Lopes annulled Rafael Foster’s goal in a corner kick in the area. The referee called a foul from Juventude’s attack, but no fierce move was seen in the penalty area. At Central do Whistle, Sandro Meira Ricci highlighted the error of the experienced referee, who whistled before the end of the play, preventing the video review according to the VAR protocol in the competition.

Referee annuls Rafael Forster’s goal for Youth

Flu comes back playing well, and Arias opens the score.

With more possession and exchanges of passes in the attacking field, Fluminense followed better than Juventude back from the break. In addition to the good offensive plots, the Tricolor suffered little in defense and put a lot of pressure on the ball in all sectors. In one of these moves, at seven, the team forced Ricardo Bueno’s error in leaving the ball.

Attentive, Yago stole and gave it to Fred, who took advantage of Rafael Foster’s error when trying to leave the striker offside and gave a beautiful ball to Jhon Arias. Cold, the Colombian played at the departure of Marcelo Carné and scored his first goal with the tricolor shirt to open the scoreboard at Maracanã.

Jhon Arias opens the score for Fluminense on Youth

Flu almost scores, but Samuel Xavier fails

At 11, four minutes after opening the scoreboard, Fluminense made a beautiful move and almost expanded at Maracanã. The exchange of passes started on the left side, with quick touches, until Fred found Samuel Xavier free in the penalty area. The side straightened the body and hit it placed, but sent it out. It would be a collective goal for Marcão’s team, but the shirt 2 lacked a swagger.

Fluminense makes a great move, but Samuel Xavier finishes badly and loses a great goal

youth misses unbelievable chance

Although Flu was better, Juventude still scared Tricolor. At 19, the team from Rio Grande do Sul lost an unbelievable chance in the small area. In exchange for passes, Michel Macedo received it in the area and crossed low, but Sorriso punctured and sent it out.

Dangerous, Youth draws in goal against

Soon after the goal, Fluminense was better in the game, but continued to give space to Juventude, who just didn’t take advantage of it before due to lack of quality. If the team from Rio Grande do Sul was not doing well, Lucca tried to help. The number 7 shirt tried to cut an unpretentious cross from Wagner in the area, headed in and covered Marcos Felipe, scoring an own goal and tying the game.

Youth draws in Lucca’s own goal

Flu keeps on attacking, but fails in submissions

After suffering the draw in unhappiness, although the flaws defending the aerial game are recurrent, Fluminense continued in attack, but missed too much in the submissions. At 27, Arias stole the ball and passed it to Luiz Henrique, who was hungry and kicked it out, although he was in danger. Then, at 29, Yago kicked across from the middle, but no one showed up to complete. Two minutes later, Luiz Henrique, once again, invaded the area from the right, but hit weak and allowed Marcelo Carné’s defense on the way out.



Date and time: 09/02/2021, at 7:00 pm (GMT)
Local: Maracana, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Referee: Heber Roberto Lopes (SC)
Assistants: Ivan Carlos Bohn (PR) and Victor Hugo Imazu dos Santos (PR)
VAR: Emerson de Almeida Ferreira (MG)

Goals: Arias, at 7′ of the 2nd half, and Lucca (against), 22′ of the 2nd half.
Yellow cards: Arias and Samuel Xavier (FLU), Matheus Jesus (JUV)

FLUMINSE: Marcos Felipe; Samuel Xavier, Nino, Luccas Claro and Egídio (Danilo Barcelos); André, Nonato (Cazares) and Yago Felipe; Lucca (Luiz Henrique), Fred (Bobadilla) and Arias (Abel Hernández). Technician: Bookmark.

YOUTH: Marcelo Carne; Michel Macedo, Vitor Mendes, Rafael Forster and William Matheus; Matheus Jesus (Dawhan), Guilherme Castilho (Jadson) and Chico (Wagner); Paulinho Bóia (Bruninho), Capixaba (Marcos Vinicios) and Ricardo Bueno. Technician: Marquinhos Santos.