Former producer accuses Sandy & Júnior of ingratitude: ‘I think it’s sad’

Producer and composer Sérgio Carrer, known as Feio, let his heart out when he recalled his history with the duo Sandy and Júnior.

Author of classics such as “Imortal” and “Vamo Pulá”, he told the podcast ‘Papo com Clê’, by Clemente Magalhães, that he harbors sorrow for the two brothers, whom he has followed since the beginning.

“I have a great love for Sandy & Junior. I’ve always been there as a second father, but nobody recognizes that. Who knows about my life and how much I fought for these children since the first record, or a little bit before, when I recorded ‘Pé na Estrada’ in 1985, I saw how I gave myself body and soul to them. And today, watching their live or a television program, I observe other producers, who may have just made a phonogram after all the successes I was part of, beating my chest and saying: ‘I produced this and that.’ , said.

Despite this, Feio says he was thrilled to see stadiums packed with the duo’s return, on the tour “Nossa História”, after 30 years of career. “I vibrate to this day and I still dream about them. Unfortunately, I have this silly heart. If one day they see this message, may conscience and common sense fall on them. I have that!”

The composer also recalled Xororó’s reaction when he heard one of Feio’s compositions for his children: “When he heard ‘Vamo Pulá!’, he said: ‘This song sucks, Feio.’ it will be successful”.

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