Former producer reveals Sandy & Junior | Fabia Oliveira

The participation of fellow São Paulo composer Sergio Carrer, better known as Feio, in Clemente Magalhães’ podcast, ‘Papo com Clê’, which aired this Wednesday night (1st), is causing a stir. The musician, author of classics by Sandy and Junior, such as ‘Imortal’ and ‘Vamo Pulá!’, did not hide a certain resentment with some of the attitudes of the then junior artists.

“I have a great love for Sandy & Junior. I’ve always been there as a second father, but nobody recognizes that. Who knows about my life and how much I fought for these children since the first record, or a little bit before, when I recorded ‘Pé na Estrada’ in 1985, I saw how I gave myself body and soul to them. And today, watching their live or a television program, I observe other producers, who may have just made a phonogram after all the successes I was part of, beating my chest and saying: ‘I produced this and that.’ , reported.

However, when questioned, he revealed that he was thrilled to see the stadiums filled with the return of the brothers: “I still vibrate today and I still dream of them. Unfortunately, I have this silly heart. If one day they see this message, may conscience and common sense. This I have!”. During the chat, which lasted about 1h30, not even Xororó was left out: “When he heard ‘Vamo Pulá!’, he said: ‘This song sucks, Feio’. I replied, asking: ‘Believe me, it will be successful”. In fact, Carrer didn’t lie.