Gabriel asks for time to adapt to São Paulo and explains positioning: “I want to help” | São Paulo

Presented by São Paulo this Friday, Gabriel stated that he still needs time to adapt to the game to be able to play. During the season with Nacional, from Uruguay, the defensive midfielder suffered from medical problems.

– Some games I didn’t play, but I feel good physically. I have to adapt a little here, it’s a little time to adapt that I need. I’m fine and I really want to get into the rhythm – said the player, who asked to be called only Gabriel, and no longer Gabriel Neves.

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Gabriel Neves, from São Paulo — Photo: Reproduction

Before arriving in São Paulo, Gabriel revealed that he had talked a lot with compatriot Matias Viña, a former Palmeiras player and now defending Roma, from Italy. The left-back explained a few things about Brazilian football.

The player also talked about how he likes to play in midfield. A craft steering wheel, Gabriel understands that he can also play more advanced.

– We are very friends, he (Viña) congratulated me when the negotiation ended. We talked when he came here. He said that the pace is different and you play much more. He’s still been helping me with this arrival. I feel good anywhere in midfield. I want to help – he said.

New jersey 15, he arrives to dispute a spot in midfield with Luan, Liziero, Rodrigo Nestor, Gabriel Sara and Benítez.

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What is your impression of the club and the cast? How do you define yourself on the field?
– The truth is that I am very happy, they received me very well. It’s a huge club. I am very happy. I like to play anywhere in the midfield, I can be a defensive midfielder or a midfielder. I want to help. I can play in any position.

How did you end up with the negotiation that didn’t work out? What was it like to know that São Paulo started trading again?
– There was an instance that São Paulo was interested in me, I was excited about the possibility of coming, but it fell, frustrated me a little. Now it worked and I want to enjoy the club.

How do you handle the position dispute? Have you already talked to your midfield teammates?
– Here there are good options, I want to help and do mine. Everyone treated me very well, including those who play in my position. I hope to learn from them and help in whatever they need.

Gabriel in training game for São Paulo — Photo: Rubens Chiri / saopaulofc

Is there a tribute to the use of the mustache? Did you like that São Paulo used the mustache as a brand?
– I’ve had it since I was young, I like having a mustache. With respect to each other (questioning), they treated me well and I was delighted that they used their mustache to introduce me.

Have you had contact with Crespo? How do you see Crespo’s way of working?
– I had spoken when there was interest in the past. Now he received me and we talked a little in training. I’ve seen your style at Defensa y Justicia and I like it. Knowing what he was as a player and what he does as a coach, I feel proud to be with him.

How was the arrival with foreigners here? What characteristics of Uruguayan football could you implement here?
– It helps me a lot in adapting and they received me very well, the Argentines surrounded me and helped me. The teacher and the committee part helped me and will help me in these first days. It’s a very different football, I think the issue of intensity can help me here.

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