Gabriel Leone talks about the success of ‘Secret Truths’: ‘A very important step in my career’ | Television

Gabriel LeoneDivulgation / TV Globo

Published 09/02/2021 07:00

Rio – Gabriel Leone accumulates roles in cinema, theater and TV. At 28, he is considered one of the most promising talents of his generation. The actor, who debuted on TV Globo in 2013 as the villain Antônio, from “Malhação”, gained prominence even when playing the playboy Guilherme, from “Verdades Secretas”, in 2015.

In the plot, your character lives a life of luxury supported by his farmer father. Upon meeting Angel (Camila Queiroz) on the first day of school at school, he immediately becomes interested in her. The two end up getting involved. However, Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi) appears in the couple’s path and, to make matters worse, Gui discovers that his girlfriend is a fan of the “pink book”, the scheme of brokering sexual encounters between models and businessmen.

“Gui is a kid, an inconsequential playboy, but he has a maturation arc in the plot. He starts out being the king of the school, of the group, he hesitates ugly with Angel, but ends up falling in love with her and regretting his own attitudes. I spent time in São Paulo listening to the accent and the behavior of young people with a reality close to his. I also studied about seduction, which the character used a lot at the beginning of the plot”, recalls the actor, who revealed that he had difficulty with the São Paulo accent. .

For Gabriel, “Secret Truths” was one of the works that helped in the projection of his career. “The success of ‘Secret Truths’ projected, in a way, all of us young people who were there. Some scenes I did, mainly dramatic ones, had a very positive response from the audience and critics”, says the actor, who is excited with the rerun of the work.

“I was very happy with the opportunity to review this work, which gave me so much joy, so many friends, which opened so many doors for me. Due to the repercussion it had at the time, I’m sure the audience was also eager to see it again”, says actor, who is following the plot again. “I have a great affection for this work and I look at it today as a very important step in my career.”

The success of “Secret Truths” was such that the artist remembers that it was impossible to go unnoticed at a music festival, after the end of the telenovela. “An important day for me was our trip to Rock in Rio after the end. It was difficult to get around the event at times.”

Gabriel also remembers the atmosphere of relaxation and friendship with his colleagues backstage. “We had a long preparation, for months, within the centers. That’s why the school’s nucleus was pure fun, filming and living together on a daily basis. Furthermore, in this work I made one of my best friends to date, Rodrigo Lombardi” .