Gaby Amarantos releases new EP: ‘Scream for Brazil to look at the Amazon again’

After 9 years of the release of your last album, Gaby Amarantos released this Thursday (2) his second EP: “Purake.” The name refers to a prehistoric electric fish, whose voltage reaches 860 volts. “Purake is this cry for Brazil to look at the Amazon again,” said the singer.

The record has great participations. Right on the first track, Gaby sings alongside Elza Soares, Alcione and Dona Onete. “My three Goddesses. Bringing these three voices together is giving Brazil the gift of having this cultural heritage of these four women together”, she said.

The EP also features Ney Matogrosso, Liniker, Luedji Luna and Jaloo, as well as voices that are not yet known nationally, such as drag queen singer Potyguara Bardo.

In an exclusive interview with ISTOÉ, Gaby talked about her debut as an actress – she will be on the next 6 pm soap opera “Além da Ilusão” – about how it is to be a judge of The Voice Kids and also criticized the political moment we are living. “Bizarre,” said the singer.

ISTOÉ: This song was produced aboard a boat on the Tapajós River. How was this experience?

Gaby: “It was a delight, because we spent a week on my great friend Saulo’s boat, who is a chef. Then we were eating roasted fish, drinking Jambu cachaça and making music and bathing in that wonderful river.”

IstoÉ: What is your assessment of the political moment we are living in?

Gaby: “The political moment is bizarre. The craziest thing for me, who come from the North, is that we are going through so much difficult that we are not even able to prioritize what is happening in the Amazon, in relation to deforestation, fires, which continue. Purakê is this cry for Brazil to look back at the Amazon, this connection that we also create through the songs, the visual identity, because there will be several clipelizer (visual content of the clips) of the songs, it is for us to remember that the forest is there and we need it standing.”

IstoÉ: When do you intend to resume live shows?

Gaby: “It’s a moment we still don’t really know when the shows are going to be allowed. I, along with my team, are thinking about a very visual, innovative, different show, just like the album is, to bring the live experience. I’m very focused on preparing the most beautiful show we’ve ever done, to bring a lot of joy to our people, to my fans, because they deserve it.”

IstoÉ: What is your expectation to debut as an actress?

Gaby: “My expectation is to have fun making art, to expand my creativity. Before becoming a singer, I already worked in small theater companies in Belém(PA), in the church, in Praça da República. I’ve always had this desire to pay attention to this and now I’m going to do it. In the clip “From love to remember” you can already feel a little bit of this actress Gabi, because there is a lot of acting there.”

IstoÉ: How is it to be part of The Voice Kids?

Gaby: “I’m super happy to be part of The Voice Brasil family and it’s very representative because we talk a lot about me being the first technician from the Amazon, from the North. I think Brazil only gains with representation, from being able to show this other side of musical knowledge, from welcoming talents, seeing myself in them and giving them a lot of overcoming, which is what defines Team Gabi.”

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