Geral do Grêmio publishes an official note with explanations about violent protest and says it does not recognize CT aggressors

The only one of the fans who called the protest on Wednesday to be officially registered by the club, Geral do Grêmio released an official statement explaining the demonstration at CT Luiz Carvalho and criticizing the action of fans who, “independently”, acted with violence. Scenes such as throwing stones at the club’s bus, fireworks, running and confrontation with the Military Brigade were seen in the early afternoon of yesterday.

On the part of the board, President Romildo Bolzan Jr talked about taking the consequences to the end and banish the aggressors. Regarding the squad, right-back Rafinha gave press conference hours after the demonstration and he also showed that he disagreed with the violent attitude of the Grêmio fans present.

“We know that the moment is not the best, but that’s what I always say: nothing justifies an action like we received today. The fan has the right to charge, curse, boo, okay, no problem. But to go to the other side, throwing stones, playing fireworks, breaking employees’ cars, then it escapes legitimacy. We are human beings. We understand the discomfort of the crowd and the frustration, but no one is kidding here. There are no bums here. We are all fighting to get Grêmio out of this situation. I am in favor of charges, but not in this way. This harms us. We are very sad, because it is not what we want”, lamented the player.

Check out the note from the Grêmio fans:

This Wednesday afternoon, we went to CT Luiz Carvalho to hold an entirely peaceful protest. All situations this year, whether to encourage or protest, were peaceful. Everything that came from us was peaceful.
The protest, on our part, consisted of shouts of order demonstrating revolt with the current moment, demanding an immediate reaction from the club.
Violence and aggressiveness started independently by some fans, who are not identified with the fans recognized by the club.
As a clarification note, we reiterate that any act of violence does not agree with our ideology.

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