Globo 2022: Ivete Sangalo can be the presenter of the new Caldeirão

The website BuzzFeed announced that Globo is forecasting 60 debuts next year in its programming schedule. For starters, the network must create a second track of soap operas in the afternoon, with hits only from the six o’clock time. The most likely candidates, for now, are Chocolate com Pimenta (2003) and Cabocla (2004).

This new track, however, will not end with Vale a Pena Ver de Novo, which will be reserved for the greatest hits of the nine – or seven. Because of this new schedule, Jornal Hoje should have a reduced duration. The novelty is expected to take place around April.

Malhação will receive an unprecedented new season called Eu Só Quero É ser Feliz, written by the debuting brothers Marcos Carvalho and Eduardo Carvalho. The plot revolves around a poorly rated school where students take power to try to change their situation. This means that Malhação: Transformação has been shelved.

BBB22 is fully guaranteed and is scheduled to start at the end of January and finish in April. Despite the criticisms, No Limite will return to air between the end of April and the beginning of July. The new season must have the presence of some anonymous participants.

Also according to BuzzFeed, Marcos Mion should leave Caldeirão in December this year. He will have the screening of the reality show he prepares for Multishow, Túnel do Amor, also on Globo, and will broadcast Rock In Rio. In the new schedule, Globo calls the program Novo Caldeirão and negotiates with Ivete Sangalo to take over the presentation of the project.

The game Zig Zag Arena, a new program by Fernanda Gentil, hasn’t even premiered yet and already has a second season guaranteed: between July and October, on Sundays. Earlier, the early Sunday afternoon range will be filled by The Voice +, followed by The Voice Kids. One edition pasted onto the other. The first airs from February to April and the second from April to early July.

Vai Que Cola will return to the air between May and September, on Saturday nights. Another comedy that will be featured on Globo’s schedule is Casa Paraíso, whose cast includes names such as Leandro Hassum, Cacau Protásio, Viviane Araújo and Paulinho Serra. It airs in the early afternoon of Sunday between October and December 2022..

More diversity specials are planned. At least two are registered for next year: Falas da Vida and one more Falas Negras. On Saturdays, between September and November, there will also be a mysterious project called Família é Tudo Igual. The line for soap operas continues with the confirmation of the unpublished Pantanal, Além da Ilusão and Cara e Coragem.