Globo presenter gives a sharp answer after a reporter was interrupted live by a Record team: “We need respect”; watch

War of microphones in the air! This Thursday (2), the presenter of “Bahia Meio Dia”, Jessica Senra, gave a sharp response after a TV Bahia reporter was interrupted by the Record TV team. While the Globo affiliate was live, in an interview with delegate Simone Mourinho, the rival station stole the show by “disputing” over the conversation with the authority.

After a press conference, both channels talked about an absurd case that happened in Salvador, of sexual exploitation in which a luxury house raffled women. On TV Bahia, reporter Camila Oliveira began to broach the subject with Mourinho, when, moments later, it was possible to hear the journalist from “Balanço Geral Bahia” in the background. The loud sound not only interfered with the other interview, it even distracted the delegate.

Delegated Dispute Presenter4
After the start of the delegate’s conversation with TV Bahia, the Record TV team joined in and started to interview her. (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

The Record TV professional got tired of waiting for the end of his competitor’s interview, and soon placed the microphone in front of the delegate. It didn’t take long for him to get out in front of the “Bahia Meio Dia” team and ask his own questions, interrupting Simone’s conversation with TV Bahia. Amidst the noise and this fight for the interviewee, Camila concluded her participation and returned the broadcast to the studios.

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But the TV news presenter didn’t let the situation go by and needled the noise made by the rival broadcaster. “I have other questions to ask the delegate. We’ll be back in a little while, when it’s quieter. We need respect to be able to work, because even the doctor was not able to concentrate to answer the questions. In a little while we’ll be back calmly, without having to fight for space”, snapped Jessica. Watch the video here:

Minutes later, Camila Oliveira returned to the air and managed to conclude her interview with the delegate. According to spectators, the anchor of “Balanço Geral Bahia”, José Eduardo Bocão, said that his team would have arrived there first. On social networks, the Record TV presenter shared a tweet about the subject.

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“I didn’t see anything big. Any police station door is 1000x more confusing and no one complains. What I saw there is an extreme inability of the TV Bahia team to hold a live interview while the Record one took advantage and dominated. Live there can’t be silence and no ‘turn’ for anyone”, said the message shared by Bocão. The presenter completed: “The rest is Mi Mi Mi”. The anchor still defended himself, while many accused him of making references to the health of the TV Bahia presenter. “Do not say silly things! I didn’t say anything about her! I spoke of their normal arrogance and despair! The rest comes from evil! My soul is clean!”, he wrote.