GM Announces Fire Hazard Chevrolet Bolt Recall

General Motors released a statement aimed at Chevrolet Bolt owners calling for a recall of the vehicle. The call is for the 2020 model of the electric, which will have its high-voltage battery replaced.

The brand’s justification is that a possible non-conformity was found in the high voltage battery modules. According to the statement, the issue could even generate a fire during the end of charging, or with the battery charged at full capacity or very close to it.

Thus, GM intends to resolve the issue in two phases: the first will consist of a configuration adjustment, limiting the possibility of charging the battery to 90% of its capacity. The second, to be carried out in the future, will consist of replacing the high voltage battery.

The steps will be carried out free of charge and the estimated execution time of the first phase is up to 30 minutes. It is now possible to schedule the service at the Chevrolet Customer Service 0800-702-4200 or at

Chassis numbers included in the recall are L4100194 to L4125710, with start and end date of manufacture from June 14, 2019 to June 20, 2020.

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