Gomes: Featured against Chile, Gabi doesn’t need a goal to score points – 03/09/2021

Can Gabriel Barbosa perform tactical roles in which he sacrifices himself in the name of the collective? His profile indicates no. But maturity may be approaching and, yesterday, in the victory over Chile, he showed that he can, indeed, put aside the “I” in the name of “we”. He will always be a star player, but there are many stars in the football world who understand that the game is, above all, a team effort.

Gabigol played more on the right, the way Tite often puts Gabriel Jesus to play. He obeyed what the coach asked, even though he stayed away from the area – where he is lethal. He showed that he can do several functions and that he is willing to do so in the name of being part of the national team.

In the first half, Gabriel pulled a beautiful counterattack and gave a goal for Neymar to waste. In the second half, on the right, opening spaces for Neymar and √Čverton Ribeiro to work in the middle, he participated in the goal-building move.

No, he didn’t score twice, he didn’t even go close to that. But he played well, made little mistakes, participated and was decisive in the victory in a dirty game against the Chileans.

Tite didn’t have the confidence to make him join the group. The football presented at Flamengo screamed for a chance. Apparently the attitude during the Copa America period pleased. And now, of course, tactical commitment and technical performance also earned points.

Gabi doesn’t need a goal to show value.