Grêmio suspends organized supporters present in protest and identifies involved | Guild

+ Grêmio sees tension increase in a week

The four suspended fans are Geral do Grêmio, Torcida Jovem, Claw Tricolor and Rasta do Grêmio. The groups will therefore not be able to present their materials in the stands at the club’s next matches in the Arena. The suspension period has not yet been confirmed. The four detained fans are prohibited from accessing the Grêmio stadium.

On social networks, Geral, Rasta and Torcida Jovem demonstrated to repudiate the acts of violence and affirm that they went to CT Luiz Carvalho in order to protest peacefully. And that did not identify members of the fans in the violent acts.

Supporters in protest at CT Luiz Carvalho — Photo: Reproduction / Dalmir Pinto / RBS TV

In addition to the four detainees, Grêmio analyzes the images and seeks to identify others present in the acts of violence. The work has been done since the morning of Thursday, and President Romildo Bolzan promises punishment to the participants.

When the bus with the players arrived at CT Luiz Carvalho, it was the target of rocks and fireworks from the fans. As a result, stones were also thrown into the CT area, with damage to the club’s assets, and an attempted invasion.

There were about 150 Grêmio fans on Rua João Moreira Maciel, on the banks of the BR-290, waiting for the vehicle with protest banners. Reports from behind the scenes of the club are that the confusion could have taken on even greater gravity by what was experienced there.