Hamilton “Welcomes” Russell, to be announced by Mercedes | formula 1

George Russell’s recent retrospective, the Brit’s body language in the interviews, the opening of a vacancy at Alfa Romeo… everything suggests that the young driver will soon be announced by Mercedes to compete in the Formula 1 World Championship alongside Lewis Hamilton in the German team from 2022. Invited to comment on the possibility, the seven-time champion practically welcomed his compatriot.

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– Honestly, I think it’ll be good. I think George is an incredibly talented driver. I would say the highlight of the Belgian GP was his return in qualifying, it was incredible. He’s humble and, being British, I think communication would be even easier. He is the future. He is one of the drivers that represents the future of the sport. He’s been showing incredible driving so far, but I’m sure he’ll continue to evolve, so where better for that than a team like ours, or wherever he goes? – loses Hamilton in the end.

George Russell and Lewis Hamilton at the 2021 Belgian GP — Photo: John Thys – Pool/Getty Images

Hamilton, who is in his fifth season alongside Bottas, who hardly offered any resistance to the champion, says he is not afraid of the arrival of a promising new driver.

– It’s not like I have anything to prove. I raced against several amazing racers as companions. I did my rookie year with Fernando, so I don’t think I have much to prove. If I have a new teammate, I am in a different place in my life. I’m excited to see young people evolving. It’s not that I want to lose to a young man, of course, but I’m excited to see the sport evolve because I’m a fan of the sport after all. You heard me earlier (in the season) talking about Lando’s talent. It’s encouraging to see these new kids coming out. They are bold and I see a lot of myself in the younger generations. We will learn from each other, but the most important thing is that there is always respect. And communication will be the core of this – he guarantees.

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In a farewell tone, Hamilton highlighted the work that still needs to be done with Bottas this season to prevent RBR and Max Verstappen from breaking his and Mercedes’ streak of titles, and thanked the Finn for his dedication and partnership.

– But my focus now is on the work that Valtteri and I need to do. I am proud to work alongside him. He’s a decent human being and that’s one of the main reasons I respect him. Also, he is a tough opponent as he never gives up, he keeps going up. And he helped me win the titles I have today. I couldn’t have done it without him.

Netherlands GP info and timetable — Photo: Infoesporte