Health Plans Lose Market to New Alternative

Gone are the days when health plans were the only alternative for those who were afraid of needing a doctor and not having the money to pay.

Currently, the so-called benefit cards have become a big headache and a real bane of the market giants.

Executive Marcos Machado Pereira, CEO of one of the most successful cards in the market, O Minha Vida, sums up the situation well:

“The customer is not a fool, he realized that in many health plans, in addition to paying an expensive monthly fee, he ends up paying an amount when he needs the medical service: the so-called co-payment”

This was the gap, according to milestones, that allowed the cards to grow. “We were able to make appointments much faster, with recognized professionals and for a price that is not so different from the co-participation of health plans.”

And it really seems to make sense. Today, the waiting time to make an appointment for a gynecologist in the reference health plan is more than 30 days, with the benefits card you can get it on the same day.

“I usually say that co-participation transformed the health plan into a benefit card, with the difference of being much more expensive and not having other advantages such as dental treatment and funeral assistance, etc., that is, they became a bad benefit card” .

But one should also be aware of the pitfalls that exist in the market. “We have competitors that charge a low amount for the consultation but do not guarantee a return. We think this is an abuse. It ends up burning a little the image of the benefit cards”.

Fights aside, the fact is that the My Life Card it has doubled every year and has already reached 16 thousand families in Cuiabá and Várzea Grande. Making a simple count of 5 people per family, more than 80,000 people have been in Cuiabá and Varzea Grande.

Now with a technology package that counts, among other things, with its own credit card, the company aims its weapons at the business market, offering benefit packages for large companies, together with facilities for consultations and laboratory tests.

“I believe we have created a unique product that appeals from the boss who pays less for laboratory tests to the employee who has a plan with a doctor, dentist, pharmacy in addition to funeral assistance.”

Anyway, who wins is the consumer who can choose the option that suits him best. The plans are left with the nostalgia for those old times.