HMU keeps the gold in the Hospital Unimed Sustainability Seal 2021

September 2, 2021 | 14:23

HMU keeps the gold in the Hospital Unimed Sustainability Seal 2021

Disclosure/Elvira Nascimento

For the second consecutive year, Hospital Metropolitano Unimed maintained the Hospital Unimed Sustainability Seal. The certification is an initiative of Unimed do Brasil, and aims to offer Hospitals in the System a diagnostic tool for hospital management that enables better planning and execution of actions aimed at a more sustainable management of the business, developing opportunities and anticipating them. and possible negative impacts that may arise from its activities.

??All Unimed System Individuals are well engaged in the balance between environmental, social and economic health. Among the prerequisites, this year, compliance with legal documents and submission of an Action Plan, focused on improvements, were evaluated. With this, in addition to guaranteeing the Seal, we reinforce that our Hospital is committed to the implementation of good practices and the development of improvements in governance and management for sustainability, thus strengthening the largest system of medical cooperatives in the world”, highlighted Laís Caldeira , Quality Coordinator at Unimed Vale do Aço.

The seal was launched in 2014, and since the 2nd edition, in 2016, the certification has taken place in biennial editions, through the evaluation of indicators aligned with current concepts related to sustainable development in hospital management.

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