Horizon Forbidden West: Only more expensive versions will be upgraded to PS5

PlayStation released, this Thursday (2nd), details about the different versions of Forbidden West horizon. One of the most striking information is that only the more expensive versions will give you a free upgrade from PS4 to PS5.

The cheaper version that will give access to the game also on the new generation console, which is the Digital Luxury Edition, is coming out BRL 399.50 on the Brazilian PlayStation Store. In addition to the game for both generations, the product comes with soundtrack, picture book, digital comic book, photography mode specials, in-game resource pack and items.

The Collector’s Edition, which has no price in Brazil yet, is starting at US$ 199.99 (approximately R$ 1 thousand at the current price). In addition to in-game items, steelbook and art supplies, the version comes with statues of Aloy and the robot Tremortusk, which appears in the title’s gameplay video.

Forbidden West horizon

The most expensive version that will give free upgrade to the PS5 is the Regalla Edition. Costing a trifle of US$ 259.99 (approximately R$ 1.3 thousand), the edition comes with practically everything from the other versions, plus a game map, art cards, a replica of the Focus and a support, replicas of pieces of robots and statues of Aloy and Tremortusk with Tenakht soldiers.

Pre-sales of all these versions are already open on the PS Store and on the company’s online store.

more humble versions

PlayStation also detailed the news of the “lower” versions of Forbidden West horizon. The Special Edition is selling for $69.99 (about R$360) on the PS4 and $79.99 (R$413) on the PS5. It comes with a steelbook, art book and soundtrack in digital models.

The Standard Edition, the standard, is already on sale in Brazil for BRL 299 (PS4) and BRL 349 (PS5). Pre-order purchase guarantees the game for the respective consoles and 2 items: Legado Nora costume and Legado Nora spear.

In addition to details about all versions of the title, new artwork was released. Check out the result below. Forbidden West horizon

A FAQ section within the official title page reveals other important information, among them that the sequence of Horizon Zero Dawn will have dubbing and subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese. Another revelation is the existence of “Strike”, which is a “board game played by the inhabitants of the world of horizon. It is played with machine-shaped carved pieces of wood and metal.”

So, what did you think of the prices of editions of Forbidden West horizon? Are you in the hype to test the game? Leave your comment below! Remembering that the game arrives on February 18, 2022.