Hospital Sírio Libanês set up a medical team to answer CPI on diagnoses of two deponents

247 – The clinical director of Hospital Sírio Libanês set up a medical committee to analyze two cases of patients who claimed they could not attend Covid’s CPI because they were admitted to the hospital with health problems.

In the session this Wednesday (1), the president of the CPI, Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), contacted the hospital to confirm the admission of one of the collegiate’s targets. The hospital president said he will look at the cases and respond technically.

One of the cases is the lobbyist Marconny Faria, who earlier Aziz said he would call even if it was “under stick” to testify. He is linked to Need Medicines and facilitated the company to win suspicious bids at the Ministry of Health. Faria’s certificate gives 20 days of leave to treat “pelvic pain”.

Already the businessman Marcos Tolentino, suspected of being a hidden partner of FIB Bank, claimed “tingling in the body”, which would be a sequel to Covid-19. According to his defense, he was admitted to the Sírio Libanês de São Paulo at 3:41 pm on Tuesday. However, at night, Tolentino recorded an interview on the website O Antagonista.

The FIB Bank was used by Precise Medicines to offer a letter of guarantee to the Ministry of Health in negotiations for the purchase of the Indian vaccine Covaxin. The senators suspect it is a ghost company.

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