Huck will give R$ 1 million in first big commercial on Sundays on Globo TV · News from TV

In its debut on Globo’s Sundays next Sunday (5), Luciano Huck will launch the first major publicity action of his new program. In partnership with Magalu, one of the largest companies in Brazil and which sponsors the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? panel, Huck will launch the Cashback do Milhão, which will give R$ 1 million to customers who buy products from the company between September and November.

R$100,000 will be raffled per week, starting on the 12th, the date of the second Sunday with Huck. On December 3rd, the presenter will deliver the main prize live. In the action, Magalu will mainly promote MagaluPay, the group’s payment app that started operating in June.

All prizes will be credited to the MagaluPay digital account, which is automatically linked to the CPF of the purchaser, in the cashback (cash back) model.

In addition to the advertisement on Domingão com Huck, a film of the campaign will be shown on open TV — with recordings adapted for each Grupo Globo channel — and on pay TV channels.

The promotion proves how Luciano Huck sustains the commercial success that Fausto Silva had on Globo’s Sundays. In addition to Magalu, other major brands have already signaled to Globo that they will advertise during breaks and within their new program.

The movement of advertisers is an indicator that the broadcaster has achieved its objective by choosing a replacement for Faustão.