‘I arrived at the m* and gave my life to Jesus Christ’

Yudi Tamashiro spoke about his conversion to Christianity in an interview with “OtaLab” today. In a live chat with Otaviano Costa, the presenter and actor revealed details of a conversation he had with the singer Priscilla Alcântara, former partner of Bom Dia & Cia, on SBT.

We even played in the studio, because my family and I were from Candomblé and Priscilla was always talking about Jesus Christ, about God, all the time. I told her: ‘I’ll only convert the day I’m in the m*, Priscilla’.

Yudi Tamashiro at “OtaLab”

The meeting with the former co-worker took place years later.

I went to participate in a program with her and I was already a ‘believer’, talking about the Bible, about this new phase of mine. She looked at me and said: ‘We noticed, it came to the f*, right? Then I said: “The worst thing I ever got to do, Priscilla, is that I gave my life to Jesus Christ.

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Yudi Tamashiro is one of today’s “OtaLab” guests

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The presenter, who is now also a gamer, highlighted the importance of the Evangelical Church in his process of “reinvention”. “I came from TV and to be successful on the Internet was a lot of effort and a lot of study. After I converted, I was able to understand the importance of everything I’ve lived before,” he said.

On today’s program, in addition to Yudi, Ota receives the presenter’s girlfriend, singer Mila, and the cast of “Confessions of an Excluded Girl”, which debuts on September 22 on Netflix. Actresses Klara Castanho, Júlia Gomes and Fernanda Concon tell us what’s next in the long-awaited adaptation of Thalita Rebouças’ best-seller.

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