“I let FalleN play the way he wants,” says adreN | DRAFT5

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Eric “adren” Hoag was undoubtedly a key player in the success experienced by the Team Liquid throughout his victorious 2019. Now back at the technical command of the team, the 31-year-old has under his tutelage someone else who knows what it’s like to be at the top.

As one of the most prestigious athletes on the world stage, Gabriel “Fallen” Toledo is working hard to replace the cavalry among the top teams in the world. ESL Pro League S14, the first step was taken last Wednesday afternoon, when the Liquid won the NIP with authority in its debut.

Good game from us today. We really needed confidence coming to this competition, and this is a good way to start“, pondered the coach of Team Liquid in an interview with ESL, who also highlighted the importance of training in the Old Continent.

adreN (D) was the technician in Liquid's unforgettable 2019 |  Photo: Helena Kristiansson/ESLadreN (D) was the technician in Liquid’s unforgettable 2019 | Photo: Helena Kristiansson/ESL

About North America training, we try to get out of there as soon as possible. We were only there for a few days and we had to come to Europe right away. I feel that in the last six months or a year, this game has evolved a lot, and you only get good training in Europe“he pondered.

The coach, by the way, did not spare praise for the experienced captain of his team, assuring that he values ​​the sniper’s freedom within the game system adopted by the cavalry:

Honestly, I let FalleN play the way he wants. I won’t tell him how he has to position himself on the map, I try to let him do what he wants. On certain maps, when he sees that he’s not making an impact, I let him do what he does best.“he explained.

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And despite the good result achieved in the opening round of the $750K competition, there’s not much time for celebration. This Thursday (2), the Team Liquid returns to the server to face the Gambit, current #2 in the world, looking for his second tournament win.

FalleN has all the support of its trainer |  Photo: Disclosure/Team LiquidFalleN has all the support of its trainer | Photo: Disclosure/Team Liquid

It will be fun to play against them, simply because we haven’t played yet. We’ll see what level they are on. They are doing great now, but we can win“believes adreN.

Finally, the coach also recognized the difficulty of facing the local rival FURY, but guaranteed that the Liquid has become more and more comfortable in front of Andrei “art” Piovezan and his troops.

It’s always difficult to play against the FURY“, admit it. “They are very ‘wild’. I think we were better than them in the last two MD3s we played, we were comfortable with the game plan, we responded well. Even with the guerri, we know what to expect from them“, finished.