‘I saw Angelica throw herself on the floor, screaming at the door of the operating room’

Luciano Huck, who turns 50 this Friday, decided to report, in detail, the moment of greatest pain that he and Angelica felt, when their son Benício, then 11 years old, suffered a serious head accident, in June 2019 In the recently released “From Door to Door”, the presenter relives the episode, according to him, more “distressing and terrifying” in the “most painful” chapter of the book.

The family was on vacation in Costa Verde when the couple’s middle son practiced wakeboarding (a water sport in which the person balances on a board and is pulled by a boat or jet ski). Benício fell and had his head hit by the board. As he was without a helmet, he had a head injury and had to be operated on in a hurry.

“As parents, Angelica and I live our hours of greatest anguish and pain. (…) These memories still throb and ache. (…) Beni’s fall brought sudden horror,” says Huck in the book.
He remembers the moment when he saw the middle child with his head all bandaged, his eyes closed, after more than six hours of delicate skull surgery.

“Angelica and I beside the bed, destroyed, without a floor, without direction. (…) I saw my wife, the family fortress, kneeling and praying for more than five hours without stopping. I saw a mother throw herself on the floor of despair, between screams and tears, at the door of a surgical center. I felt my life lose its meaning in the midst of so much fear,” he wrote.

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The presenter remembers that there was no cell phone signal in that region, but due to a “divine force”, his function was so that he could call the helicopter pilot who was in Rio and go to fetch Benício and take him to the hospital in time.

“At that moment, more than anything, I just wanted to be in my son’s shoes. I would trade my existence in the world for the guarantee that he was okay, without even thinking twice. (…). They say that it is in weakness that we recognize our strength. Today, matured by facts that I didn’t choose to face, I say that’s right. (…) I can say, without fear of making mistakes, that the man I am, the Luciano who has been around, feels better than the Luciano of yesterday, thanks to those massive doses of spirituality.”

Luciano Huck and his son Benício
Luciano Huck and his son Benício Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Angelica and her son Benício
Angelica and her son Benício Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Angelica and her son Benício
Angelica and her son Benício Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Luciano Huck wrote the book 'De Door to Door' in the pandemic
Luciano Huck wrote the book ‘De Door to Door’ in the pandemic Photo: Disclosure
Luciano Huck and Angelica with their children
Luciano Huck and Angélica with their children Photo: Reproduction/Instagram