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Come out from below: this Friday will be decisive to stop or accelerate the fall of the Ibovespa (Image: Reuters/Amanda Perobelli)

The fall of 2.28% of the Ibovespa yesterday (2), caused by approval of a 15% Income Tax rate on dividends (until then exempt) flashed the red light on the graphics analyst’s monitor. For them, the new support point of the index is around 116,000 points. If it falls below that, the negative trend will gain strength.

“Graphically, the structure remains bearish and if by the end of the Wednesday session there was still a possible formation to take the score to the 121k region, today this scenario has gone further”, explains the graphic analyst at XP Investments, Martha Matsumura.

For her, support in the very short term is at 116,040 points. This is a level close to the 116,677 points with which the index closed this Thursday’s session. But even closer is the 116,300-point support calculated by Harvest Bank. If you pass him by, the institution estimates that the drop would only stop at 115,500 points.

Down without scales

already the Now Investments signals the 116,500 points as the short-term floor. “Below this level, the index would still find the last defense in the newly formed fund in the region of 114,800 points”, explain the manager’s graphic analysts.

Finally, the great it is the one that establishes the most distant support – 114,800 points (like the Agora). The difference is that, unlike the previous houses, which put a floor around 116 thousand points, Genial doesn’t see anything to prevent the fall between yesterday’s closing and the region of 114,000 points. If you break this barrier, the bottom will be at 110,930 points.


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