”I’m completely crazed with love”

Antonio Enrico’s mother, Sthefany Brito wonders what she did to deserve such a cute baby

Sthefany Brito filled her feed with love by posting cute photo of her son Antonio Enrico!

The mother owl celebrated the 10 months of the heir, completed last Wednesday, 01, and melted for the little one, the result of her relationship with the entrepreneur Igor Raschkovsky (31).

On her Instagram profile, this Thursday, February 2, the actress posted a charming click of Enrico’s face and questioned what she did to deserve a baby like that.

“I look at him and I wonder what I must have done so wonderful to deserve him! God in heaven, it’s a feeling I can’t even risk trying to explain… I just say thanks! I don’t even know! I just know that I am completely crazed with love for this two-toothed good guy”, she said in the caption.

“10 months I keep asking myself: “What did I do that was so wonderful to deserve those little eyes looking at me so in love?””, wrote the artist, who recently revealed that she intends to have another baby.

Sthefany Brito shows her son enjoying the beach in Rio

Sthefany Brito enchanted the web by showing clicks of the heir on a sunny day on a beach in Rio de Janeiro alongside the family’s puppies, London and little hill. “A carioquinha in the backyard…”, drooled the mother.

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