In a leaked email, Gugu’s sister criticizes nieces for inheritance dispute: ‘Iludidas’

After Gugu Liberato’s daughters accused their aunt Aparecida of lies and manipulation regarding the division of their father’s inheritance, new statements about the case surfaced. The twins Marina and Sofia, 17, had a request for child support in the amount of US$ 20,000 (R$ 102,800) denied by the courts.

The leaking of an email exchange between Aparecida and Gugu’s daughters, both underage, opens yet another chapter in the fierce family dispute over the presenter’s inheritance. The information was provided by the General Balance Sheet program.

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After having a Porsche vetoed, Gugu’s daughter makes fun of a R$ 420,000 car: ‘Thing’

As the e-mails reveal, Marina and Sofia, who are trying to get permission for an audit of their father’s inventory process, currently conducted by Aparecida, Gugu’s sister, had asked their aunt for U$20,000 (plus R$100,000) for coverage of travel expenses for college applications and applications.

In the e-mail with the subject “expenses”, the sisters write: “We will still have more extra expenses until we complete the applications for the colleges and therefore we will need more money in the coming months as well. The amount we are receiving is almost not enough nothing here in the US”.

In the same email, Gugu’s daughters warn that spending on domestic servants has also increased. “Another thing, Fernanda [antiga empregada doméstica] left and is no longer working here at home. Now we have a new employee, who will need to be paid in Fernanda’s place”.

The girls’ aunt replied to the two, claiming that she was “surprised” by the message. She regretted the fact and said she is sad to see her “deluded” nieces. “I was surprised by your e-mail. You don’t need to ask anyone for money, even though I don’t know anyone in your relationship who can afford to give $10,000 each. That’s a lot of money. You shouldn’t spend it without need,” stated Aparecida, in the e-mail.

they wanted a porshe
It is worth remembering that, a few weeks ago, a video made by the twins for Justice spread on the internet. The excerpt that went viral shows a comment by them about the desire to have a Porsche, which costs around R$ 500 thousand, but that both had to settle for a cheaper car. Later, on social networks, a photo of that vehicle was posted, a Dodge Charger, worth approximately R$ 420,000, nicknamed “thing”.

In the e-mail to the nieces, Aunt Aparecida guaranteed that she will pay the expenses with the maid directly to the professional, in addition to covering the expenses with health and education plans for both, as has been done with João, the other son of Gugu (who is on her aunt’s side). “I have a responsibility as an aunt, as a curator and as an inventor. All of your creation and development costs are being covered, as your father already did. In fact, don’t worry about the future college. The allowance of US$1,000 for each one. , at this moment, it is more than enough in everyday life”, stressed Aparecida.

“I’m sad that you are being deceived”, continues Aparecida, in the same e-mail: “I believe that this phase will pass and you will mature. I just think about where the education you received from your father has gone. Wake up! Always count on me! “.

lawyer responds
In a press release, lawyer Nelson Wilians, who represents Marina and Sofia, stated that the leaking of the e-mails is a “desperate attempt to discredit” Gugu’s daughters.
“The partial and fractional leakage of these emails is a desperate attempt to discredit the heiresses Marina and Sofia. The lawyer will only manifest himself in the case file, where the entire conversations will be included”, stresses the note