INSS tender is provided for in the 2022 budget proposal; check out

Last Tuesday (08/31), the National Congress received the Annual Budget Bill (PLOA) for 2022. National Institute of Social Security (INSS).

PLOA 2022 asks for authorization to open tenders in public agencies, regulatory agencies, universities and other institutions, such as INSS, Federal Comptroller General (CGU) and Federal Revenue. are more than 70 thousand vacancies foreseen in the text of PLOA 2022 that was sent by the Executive Branch, in the part related to personnel expenses and forecasts for selective processes.

INSS to open more than 7.5 thousand vacancies

According to technical note No. 15/2021, released by the INSS, on June 18, the INSS contest may offer 7,575 vacancies for the positions of Technician (6.004) and Analyst (1571). This is if the request is duly approved by the Ministry of Economy.

Salaries, on the other hand, should be on average:

  • Technician R$ 5,447.78;
  • Analyst BRL 8,357.07.

Importantly, bonuses are also added, such as food stamps, health insurance and Christmas bonuses. The institution’s two positions will each have a workload of 40 hours per week.

The INSS will be responsible for hiring the company that will carry out the tender. The prediction is that the tests of the event will take place until April 2022. Remembering that, next year, it will be an election year and there is a deadline determined by law for holding public tenders.

Subject of the last INSS test?

For those who are interested in studying before the public notice is published, check out the tip of the subjects that were requested in the last INSS contest:

  • Portuguese language;
  • Logical reasoning;
  • Specific knowledge;
  • Ethics in Public Service;
  • Single Legal Regime;
  • Notions of Constitutional Law;
  • Notions of Administrative Law;
  • Notions of Informatics.