Intimate photos leak and “roll” with Porsche. The confusions of lobbyist Marconny Faria in DF

Born and raised on blocks 211 and 311 South, the lobbyist accused of fleeing testimony to Covid-19’s CPI, Marconny Nunes Ribeiro Albernaz de Faria, 39, has always had a comfortable life. Son of a notary’s clerk and used to circulating in the capital’s high streets, the lawyer took advantage of the friendship cultivated with the children of federal judges and influential businessmen to expand his lobbying in federal agencies and higher courts.

Private parties have always been on the influential lobbyist’s agenda, with good traffic in the Ministry of Health, and close ties with relatives and people close to President Jair Bolsonaro (no party). One of the evenings commanded by Marconny became a police case, after he took the opportunity to take intimate photos and record videos without the consent of three women, after all of them had consumed alcoholic beverages.

The party, which took place in a lobbyist’s apartment in Block C of 311 Sul, on April 18, 2018, was attended by high-ranking deputies and civil servants. In statements given to the Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF), three young people between 24 and 26 years old told that they were surprised with photos of their private parts circulating in WhatsApp groups. The images, according to them, were taken by Marconny, who used his own cell phone.


Roll with Porsche

A prominent figure on the stands of the demonstrations for the impeachment of former president Dilma Rousseff (PT), where he used to speak, the lobbyist also found time to feed one of his passions: sports cars. In November 2015, Marconny was again the target of a police investigation after confusion involving the sale of a Porsche Cayenne S SUV.

The lobbyist sold the luxury car to an engineer through a purchase and sale agreement, in which it was agreed that the new owner would pay off the late premium and pay the remaining installments, in the amount of R$10.9 thousand each. However, a year after the purchase, the car was seized by the Traffic Department (Detran) due to IPVA and licensing debts.

The engineer sought out Marconny, telling him that he would pay off all his debts so he could get the car out of the yard. Once the debts were paid, the lobbyist removed the vehicle, but did not return it to the buyer. After registering an occurrence, the PCDF ordered the dispatch of an official letter to Detran to include an administrative restriction in the system and try to apprehend the Porsche again.

In December 2015, the lobbyist and the engineer returned together to the police station informing them that they had made a new agreement and signed a cancellation of a private instrument for the purchase and sale of the Porsche. After joining the documents in the occurrence, the PCDF withdrew the restriction of the vehicle.

Need Lobbyist

Marconny’s name returned to the CPI’s radar after the Federal Comptroller General pointed out evidence of attempted interference by the lobbyist in the public calling process for direct contracting of 12 million Covid-19 tests, with the help of Roberto Dias, former director of Logistics at the Ministry of Health investigated in the CPI of Covid-19, to benefit the company Needs Medicines.

“The messages reinforce suspicions about Roberto Dias’ performance at the Ministry of Health and make it clear that there is in fact an internal market in the portfolio that seeks to facilitate public purchases and benefit companies, as well as the power of influence of the company. Covaxin vaccine”, highlighted the vice president of the collegiate, senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP), in the request that resulted in his summons to testify.

The dialogues also bring mentions from Marconny to Danilo Trento, director of Necessidade Medicamentos and a partner at Primarcial Holding e Participações, and about the need to dehydrate a competitor company, called Bahia Farma. Primarcial works at the same address as Primares Holding e Participações, which is another company owned by Francisco Maximiano, a partner at Necessidade.