Invasion of large healthcare providers already impacts Unimed Rio Preto’s decisions

Unimed reacts 1

The invasion of large players nationwide in the private health market in Rio Preto is already beginning to impact the decisions of Unimed, the largest company in the sector in the city.

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In a letter addressed to cooperative members this week, when the dispute heated up with million-dollar offers for HB Saúde by HapVida and SulAmérica, the president of Unimed Rio Preto, José Luis Crivellin, outlines a series of decisions being taken to face the new competition ranging from disqualification of providers to reduction in amounts paid for exams, through investments in own services.

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“Large group medicine companies are establishing themselves in our city. Without ties with our members, they are aware of this market that grows more and more”, he justifies in a document.

Decisions 1

One of the decisions taken this August, according to the internal communiqué, was the disqualification of laboratory testing services that no longer belong to cooperative members. “And, for that reason, they don’t fit in our bylaws”.

Decisions 2

Another important decision communicated to the cooperative members is to expand their own laboratory, installed at the Unimed Health Complex, so that it becomes relevant in the market. “That’s why we ask you to recommend it to your patients. In this way, we’re going to collaborate to reduce the accident rate.”

Decisions 3

In the areas of radiology (MRI, CT, X-ray and Doppler) and pathological anatomy, providers received, this week, a communication explaining that, until December 31, 2021, the values ​​of elective exams will be reduced by 20% with reassessment in January 2022. “This is a market realignment that matches the amounts paid by our Unimed with the same offered for exams for other health plan operators in the city,” says Crivellin.

Fell in the CPI

Having as one of its main executives the young physician from Rio Pretense Pedro Batista Júnior, the São Paulo health management company Prevent Senior was the target of a formal complaint with the CPI of Covid-19 in progress in the Federal Senate.

covid kit 1

The health care provider, which announced its entry into the Rio Preto market with cheaper plans for the population over 50 at the end of this year, is accused of signing an agreement with the federal government at the beginning of last year’s coronavirus pandemic , to test and disseminate “covid kit” medications, such as chloroquine, ivermectin and azithromycin.

Covid 2 Kit

The complaint was made by a representative of doctors and former doctors of Prevent Senior, who mention a series of irregularities that would have been practiced by the company. The original complaint was made in a GloboNews report, in which Prevent Senior denied the accusations and said that it had always worked “within ethical parameters”.


In the complaint document, among the main irregularities pointed out by the physicians, they appear that they were coerced into prescribing drugs not indicated for Covid-19 to all hospitalized patients with the disease; that the operator guides the prescription of medications without the consent of the patients’ relatives; that professionals were forced to work and care for patients even though they were infected with the coronavirus; and that Covid patients underwent ozone therapy sessions, a practice banned by the Federal Council of Medicine, among others.

Other side

“Prevent Senior has always acted within ethical and legal parameters and, above all, with great respect for the beneficiaries. All doubts and questions raised by the CPI were duly clarified with the competent authorities”, the press office of Prevent Senior replied to DLNews.


The Municipality of Rio Preto opened a tender for the purchase of 800 digital thermometers for the Department of Education. A little late, the Ministry will start measuring the temperature of students, staff and teachers, in an attempt to identify fever resulting from possible cases of Covid-19. The purchase is estimated at just over R$ 109.7 thousand, around R$ 137 per thermometer.


In the description of the equipment, the City requires that the thermometers be digital, with infrared, non-contact and “specifically designed for use on the forehead, capable of measuring body temperature”, with an accuracy level of about 0.3°C, and time response time of up to 5 seconds, and they are already equipped with batteries. The electronic auction will be held on the next 14th.

fake news effect

City Hall is right when setting the measurement of body temperature on the forehead. Practice is the most correct, according to specialists, but mysteriously abolished for some time now after fake news emerged in the zaps of life that the temperature measurement on the forehead would be inserting data into people’s brains; or that the practice could affect DNA and even cause cancer. Today, in any corner of Rio Preto, it has become fashionable to measure temperature on the wrist.


After 9 months and 17 days, Mirassol did not register positive cases of Covid-19, according to data from the epidemiological bulletin issued by the Health Department on Tuesday (31). The last time without a positive case in the city was on November 13, 2020. The second city that sent more patients to the Hospital de Base de Rio Preto, reaching 621 in total, adds 10,166 confirmed cases and 283 deaths. Rio Preto also had something to celebrate on Tuesday: the day zero death, that is, without any deaths from the disease.

Mortadella right?

A post by Danila Azevedo on a social network announcing a “courtesy seat” on one of the 20 buses in the region that will take supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro to the act of September 7th, in São Paulo, was not lost on people with sharp memories and quick tirades. “Courtesy of the employer’s agribusiness. It doesn’t stop being mortadella…”, provoked Civil Police Chief Eder Galavoti. For the forgetful, mortadella is the nickname the right gave to demonstrators transported by parties, unions and entities to demonstrations on the left. That’s it, the world turns and the flat land flips over…


At one time, the Chamber of Rio Preto rejected two tributes, both by councilor Renato Pupo (PSDB). One was a request for congratulations on Volunteer Day. In the same session on Tuesday, a motion of applause was rejected for Claudiney Batista dos Santos, from Rio Preto, for the gold medal at the Tokyo Paralympic Games in the release of a class F56 disc (seating). Pupo went to social media on Tuesday night, on video, to say that he had never seen anything like it.

little crack

The explanation for the rejection: retaliation from colleagues to the author, Renato Pupo, due to the accusation of a “crack”. As is known, Pupo, as a delegate, received and forwarded correspondence to the Sectional Police with an anonymous complaint that 11 councilors (one of them licensed) would practice the famous crack, that is, he demanded back part of the salaries paid to his advisors. The complaint is being investigated by the police.


In a statement, Pupo has already tried to explain: “In light of the information that I would be responsible for the complaint about the “cracking” scheme in the São José do Rio Preto Chamber, I would like to clarify that, as a Police Chief, I was just the subscriber of the letter of forwarding a letter that arrived at the end of May, at the Police Station where I work, presented through correspondence, and involving popular representatives.”


In the case of the crack, the councilors Anderson Branco (PL), Bruno Marinho (Patriot), Cláudia De Giuli (MDB), Celso Peixão (MDB), Francisco Júnior (DEM), Jorge Menezes (PSD), Julio Donizete (PSD) are investigated ), Odélio Chaves (Progressives), Paulo Pauléra (Progressives) and Rossini Diniz (PL), in addition to the Sports Secretary, Fábio Marcondes, licensed councilor. He was included because, according to the complaint, he would be doing the split between advisors in the folder.

nine in

From this list, they only voted against councilor Jorge Menezes (PSD), who was absent from the session because he went to Catanduva for a hair implant, and Fábio Marcondes (PL), for obvious reasons, since he is licensed as secretary Municipal Sports. In other words, nine of those investigated voted against Pupo’s initiative. The weather is still hot in the Silva Jardim building on the corner of Andaló. Under current circumstances, Claudiney and the volunteers should feel honored by the non-honoration.

I repeat

The presence of the secretary of Traffic, Amaury Hernandes, summoned at the request of João Paulo Rillo (Psol), was repeated from the previous day, when he was at the Chamber to testify to the CPI dos Transportes. Hernandes said again that the trend is for the municipality to renew the current contract with the two bus companies – Itamarati and Santa Luzia -, which expires in November, since there would not be enough time to carry out a tender of this size in just one month. The secretary blamed the pandemic for the delay in the process.


Hernandes was also charged for financial liabilities charged by companies in court, as a result of an alleged financial imbalance in the contract and was also asked to present the contracted studies on a new transport model in Rio Preto. On the liability, he said that the Court will decide, but that it has already advanced around R$ 7 million to companies referring to 2020, the year in which the demand for transport plummeted as a result of the pandemic. As for the studies, Hernandes says that they will soon be made public.