iPhone with periscope sensor delayed after Apple refuses Samsung module

Considered “conservative” when it comes to the specifications of the iPhone line, Apple has not given up on the idea of ​​launching a model with a periscope lens. Many expected that this would be the novelty of the iPhone 13 line, but this delay for the feature to reach the market has a reason.

According to people working in Apple’s supply chain, the Cupertino giant is looking for ways to prevent Samsung from becoming your supplier of periscope cameras. However, for this to happen there is a big catch: the South Korean is the only holder of the technology’s patents.

Sources heard by Elec claim that Apple even considered buying from Samsung, but decided to go for “plan b”. The intention is to buy the parts separately and assemble the modules yourself.

Despite looking like an interesting way out for Apple executives, even the assembly of the modules will still depend on an “ok” from Samsung.

Apple will need to license the periscope module patents from Samsung. The company even considered the purchase, but everything indicates that we will only have licensing, since the South Korean is not willing to give up such an important technology.

With this internal movement, Apple ends up postponing the plans for iPhone with periscope camera for 2023. That is, the iPhones 13 and 14 should only deliver incremental improvements to their cameras, since the big change will only happen on the iPhone 15.

As expected, Apple and Samsung have not commented on the matter.