‘It was very fast, I had never seen it before,’ Brazilian account in New York about storm Ida | Federal District

Bruna Cintra, 29, was getting ready to go to a party in the late afternoon of Wednesday (1st), when the rain started. “It was very fast, I had never seen it. I got dressed and when I put my foot out of the house, I couldn’t get out. The water hit my ankle and it only got worse,” he says.

The young woman has been in the US for three months and lives in Brooklyn. She says that the day had already dawned with the weather closed, but that the rain started around 6 pm, without any storm warning. “It came at once,” he says.

“Water started to fall from the ceiling here, my room got a lot wet.”

Despite the scare, Bruna says that the streets dawned dry in the region where she lives, without much damage.

storm on the way home

New Jersey Resident Records Flooded Streets After Storm

New Jersey Resident Records Flooded Streets After Storm

About 80 kilometers from New York, the hairdresser Sérgio Correia, who lives in New Jersey, says that he was also scared by the storm in the late afternoon. “It was a calm day, but suddenly it started a rain shower, with thunderstorms, getting stronger and stronger.”

Sérgio says he witnessed the phenomenon on the way home, just two kilometers from work.

“Usually it takes me about 8 minutes to get home, but it took me 40 minutes. The streets were flooded and in many of them you couldn’t even enter.”

There was no power in the hairdresser’s house throughout the night, and the service was only normalized on Thursday morning. Sérgio received images from friends that showed the flooded streets (video above). He also claims that the roads dawned dry in the neighborhood, with no traces of the storm.

After heavy rain in Chelsea, New York, water runs off inside trade

After heavy rain in Chelsea, New York, water runs off inside trade

Fabiano Lisoski, 32, was another one who witnessed the rain on his way home. He works at a store in Chelsea, New York, where the water ran off the roof (video above). He says that the moment he felt the most fear was when he was on the subway, trying to get to Astoria, Queens, where he lives.

“It was the moment that terrified everyone. At the first station, which is outside, the rain was very heavy, we came across a flood of water entering the cars. As soon as I left the subway, flooded streets and lots of water everywhere , it was a situation that I have never witnessed in my life,” he says.

The next day, Fabiano had to travel to Chicago, but the flight was cancelled. He says the incident will change his habits going forward.

“I believe that, now, we should pay attention when we receive storm alerts all day. These are messages asking us to locate ourselves in safe places and avoid going out into the street,” he says.

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