It went out! Juliette releases her first EP, with six new songs; come hear and know all the details!

It went out! With you: Juliette, the singer! This Thursday (2), the champion of “BBB21” launched her first project in her musical career. The EP “Juliette” reached digital platforms with six new songs, bringing the roots of Paraíba to her artistic work.

“Music translates feelings and gives meaning to life. It is the speech of the soul. Music is a poetic way of translating this magic that is the human being. I’m crazy about music and now I’m having the time and opportunity to dedicate myself to this dream and I’m so grateful”, said Juliette about the project, recorded between the cities of João Pessoa, Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Salvador.

Juliette (2)
Juliette sings about the love, pleasures and hardships of life in her early tracks. (Photo: Fernando Tomaz)

Behind Juliette’s first songs, there are a great number of composers and producers, starting with Umberto Tavares, owner of great hits of Brazilian funk and pop such as “Show das Poderosas”, “Bang” and “Sim ou Não” by Anitta . Rafinha RSQ (“Loka”; “Turbo Mode” and “Só Tem Eu”) and Shylton Fernandes (“Recairei” and “Morena”), also took turns. In addition to them, other country artists and Juliette’s friends played a key role in this project, such as Juzé, Dann Costara and Toim do Gado. Not to mention Anitta, who is also involved in writing and producing the release.

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The songs, in turn, are in tune with Juliette’s persona – uniting love, difficulties and pleasures of life, with the strong presence of the singer’s roots and the northeastern culture. This is exactly what happens in the lyrics of “Bença”, composed entirely by the artist’s countrymen. “Whoever asks about me / Say I’m here / Now if it was easy, it wasn’t! / Rapadura is sweet “mai ne” soft no / On the road we feel sorry, we suffer / But we love / I don’t regret anything, no / because it was all from the heart / In life we ​​reap what we sow”, says the song. It’s beautiful! Listen to the full EP below:

In fact, a very special work, as Juliette herself has already made clear: “I always liked music and singing. Art has a special place in my heart. It is a huge emotion to create this project, my first, together with such important and talented people. Building my entire universe is a dream”.

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Juzé, a friend of the artist and responsible for her musical alignment, also mentioned how this EP involved the engagement of everyone who participated, since before the end of “BBB”. “It was a very different job than what I had done before… Everyone’s harmony and desire to do a real job was what gave meaning and form to this EP”, he analyzed.

Juliette (3)
Directed by the renowned Giovanni Bianco, the video for “Difference Mara” will be Juliette’s first. (Photo: Fernando Tomaz)

However, the news does not stop there… The song “Diferença Mara” will be the first to win a video. Production direction was led by Giovanni Bianco – who has worked with names like Madonna, and signed impeccable visual projects such as Anitta’s “Bang” and “Girl From Rio” videos. The video for “Difference Mara” premieres next Monday, September 6, on Juliette’s YouTube channel. Come on!