Ivete Sangalo will have a fixed program on TV Globo next year – 02/09/2021

An old dream of TV Globo will come true: Ivete Sangalo will even have a fixed attraction on the network. The woman from Bahia only brings joy to the house when she is in charge of a program, as the (good) repercussion is immediate. That’s since she was cast together with several artists to take turns in command of “Planeta Xuxa” (1998), while the blonde was on maternity leave. Ivete’s resourcefulness drew attention, making it clear that there was much more than a singer.

If her musical career prevented her from taking on more of this responsibility, due to her busy schedule, the girl from Bahia decided to put her foot on the accelerator. It will continue to let out the big voice, of course, but without the rush of shows of yesteryear. The mission will be to occupy Saturday afternoons, starting next year, as Marcos Mion will be in charge of “Caldirão” until the end of this year. The idea is for Ivete to have a new attraction just the way she likes it: with lots of good music.

The success of “The Masked Singer Brasil” reveals once again the charisma of the singer, who also shines with her “Música Boa ao Vivo” at Multishow. The ease with which he presents a program is the same with which he sings. Ivete has a natural gift for both roles. In a way, the appearance of the artist commanding an attraction, even if seasonal, gave her baggage. Since “Planeta Xuxa”, the Bahian has already been a special presenter of “Caldeirão do Huck” (2003), was ahead of “Estação Globo (2004-2009), in addition to Superbonita, at GNT (2015-2016).